“Barcelona” Has Turned To The Police To Protect Players From Tiktokers

At the “Barça” base, the police will be on duty to protect players from TikTokers amid the situation with Inigo. Recall that Inigo got into a conflict with one of the young people who were at the entrance to the base after training on April 1.

How did it Happened?

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After Sunday’s training on March 31, Inigo Martinez got into a conflict with one of the teenagers who stood at the entrance to the base and shouted insults at him. The footballer got out of the car and got into a verbal altercation with him. It was captured on video and spread on social media. The published video shows the footballer, leaving the sports complex, stopping his Range Rover, getting out of the car, and approaching the young man.

“Let this be the last time you call me a fool, the last time you insult me. And your friend too,” Martinez says, returning to the car, also advising the TikToker “not to be so insolent.” “What about you?” – the man who provoked the conflict asks. At the same time, voices of people urging the young men to calm down are heard. The teenager tries to respond to Martinez, who then returns to his car.

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As Sport.es notes, fans are constantly present near the base, asking for photos or autographs. Some try to jump on the players’ car hoods to make them stop, or insult them if they get refused. Barcelona defender Joao Cancelo complained last fall that these people stalked him. And forward Robert Lewandowski even had his watch worth 70,000 euros stolen from his hand during an autograph session at the club’s base.

Before this, victims of bloggers included Lionel Messi, Antoine Griezmann, Frenkie de Jong, and Samuel Umtiti. If we don’t just consider Barcelona, then any well-known footballer probably has more than one story in reserve related to obsessive fans who want to hype up and post photos or videos with their idol.

Now, the police are on duty at the Barça base

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As reported by Marca, after the recent conflict between Inigo Martinez and one of the young people who were at the entrance to the club base after training, Barcelona held several consultations with representatives of the Catalan police. It is noted that the presence of TikTokers near the club base, provoking footballers to conflicts, is considered a “chronic problem” and threatens the safety of players.

It is reported that during the training of Barcelona on Wednesday, April 3, two police brigades were on duty near the club base in shifts.

Their cars were located at the exit from the parking lot, which allowed them to monitor the road to the training base. It is planned that after the end of the training sessions, the police will be on duty near the entrance to the base to protect the players. Patrol cars were stationed at the roundabout closest to the exit to the Sports City, where fans usually approach the cars. “Barcelona” is seeking ways to prevent further similar incidents, as it fears that a more serious incident could occur at some point.

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