The Fundamental Merits of Prep-N-Print Food Labels


Prep-n-Print is a cloud-computing digital food labeling solution for restaurant chains that allow for the quick and accurate printing of service life, nutrition, additive, and tamper-evident labels.

Food labels are an important tool for informing consumers about the food and its applications. This includes mandated and voluntary information on the nutritional information panel of most prepackaged items. Ecolab labels can also be used to improve the appeal of a product.

As a food or beverage company, you understand the value of a great label in attracting customers and encouraging them to purchase your product. The appealing outer packaging of your food or beverage is critical to sales, and it all begins with the quality of your design and food label printing.

You can handle your own labeled products and have complete control over the end product’s quality by using prep-n-print labels. Making this decision can help you enjoy the following benefits.

Avoid the Need for a Secondary Label


Pre-printed labels purchased ahead of time necessitate the application of a second label with a use-by or expiration date at the time food is prepared. This second labeling process is time intensive and unnecessary, and it can cost your business a lot of money.

Your best alternative is to use the Prep-n-Print flex system, which calculates the use-by date on each food item based on when it is produced. As a result, you will not be forced to add a secondary label, saving you valuable time.

Save More Compared to Other Labeling Options

When you consider the cost of the labels and ink, printing labels on an office printer is expensive. A typical 2 “x4” label can cost up to 14 cents. The Prep-n-Print flex system employs a thermal printer, eliminating the need for ink and giving a more dependable solution at a lower cost. Furthermore, due to the minimal ink used, this system allows you to preserve the environment.

Make Prompt Changes to your Food Label Printing

In addition to being able to control the quality of the label as it is generated, utilizing the Prep-n-Print flex system allows you to make minor modifications to the label without having to wait for a third-party food label. Normally, hundreds or thousands of food label printing jobs would be completed.

This implies that any issues or potential enhancements will not be discovered until the entire batch is finished and the finished product is in hand. Updates will simply have to wait until the next batch of paper is printed.

This is especially true when dealing with unanticipated regulatory changes. However, you can easily make any necessary changes when using Ecolab labels. You will also always be in compliance because, in case any regulatory changes arise, you can easily add them to your labels.

Minimize Testing Costs for New Goods


An additional merit of using the Prep-n-Print flex system is that you can lower the costs needed to test new products. When testing a new product, an onsite food label printer allows you to rapidly and easily create your short run of labels.

Instead of printing hundreds of labels to achieve a minimum order requirement, you can produce exactly how many labels are required for testing. A color food label printer makes experimenting with different label designs simple to discover the best fit for your new product.

Once you pick a label design, you can add it to all your products without wasting any money.

Make Preparations for More Efficient Seasonal Food Label Printing

Food and beverage firms that do not have an in-house food label printer must plan their seasonal campaigns months in advance for a relatively short print run. When you utilize the Prep-n-Print system, you won’t need the additional time required for advance production planning. You can quickly print all the Ecolab labels you need for your seasonal campaign. You can also complete food label printing for exactly the amount needed, so there are no extra labels.

Increase the Number of Food Label Printing Options While Eliminating Minimum Order Limitations


For prepared food sellers, digital printing provides a fresh way to label products. With today’s consumers seeking items that match their preferences and lifestyles, firms must develop more product extensions.

These variances require the use of additional kinds of food-friendly labels in lower amounts, necessitating the use of high-mix, low-volume food label printing. The Prep-n-Print system enables prepared food packaging label producers and retailers to manufacture high-quality bespoke labels quickly and economically.

This way, they can eliminate minimum order requirements, ensuring their customers are happy and satisfied.

Reduces Wastes Disposed of in the Environment

Grab-and-go items from convenience stores, grocery stores, and specialized retailers require a just-in-time operational strategy to ensure top quality and freshness in the prepared food industry. Food label printing must follow the same model to give correct ingredient information for each small batch produced.

Utilizing the Prep-n-Print system provides the flexibility required to implement this strategy while producing less waste. This way, you can show your customers that you are keen on preserving the environment, which enhances customer retention and loyalty.

Have More Freedom to Experiment with New Label Designs


Due to the constantly changing market dynamics, it is vital to figure out ways to stay ahead of the competition. High-quality full-color product labels draw attention, and high-resolution food label printing ensures small-type legibility and FDA compliance.

Try out fresh designs and seasonal promotions with the Prep-n-Print system for more distinctive personalization. You can add more information or attractive colors to your designs to ensure that your products stand out on the shelves.


The Prep-n-Print system allows your business to take control of its label production and streamline its operations with minimal printed inventory on hand. This system allows your business to print customized food labels on demand, allowing you to produce the necessary printed in minutes instead of days or weeks. Additionally, this system allows you to meet the specialized needs of your clients. Furthermore, by utilizing this labeling system, you can enjoy all the benefits highlighted above.