6 Reasons Why the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program Is a Smart Choice

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Being a citizen of a nation gives several rights. People who have been conferred the status of a citizen can get a nation’s passport, can get tax benefits etc. Usually, a person who is born in a given nation or whose parents are born in a given country acquires the automatic right of residence or right to vote in a nation.

However, even if you are not born in a particular place, you can still get benefits if you invest money. So Grenada citizenship by investment is one such highly sought-after investment avenue for people across the world.

This article talks about the small island nation Grenada which is located in the Caribbean Sea, and why it is a good idea to acquire a second passport in that country.

Why Holding A Second Passport For The Caribbean Island Nation Is a Worth It

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Rapid Processing Times

If you want work permits or the status of a legal citizen in any region of the world, then the paperwork and the processing time can be a nightmare. Usually, the more developed a nation and the more opportunities that it provides, the more tedious the paperwork for getting a right of living and settling in that nation.

However, it can be said that the tiny island of Grenada is an exception. And if you make the right investments and have all the paperwork done correctly, it will not take more than three to four months to get all the approvals that you might need.

In fact, many Caribbean nations have run an investment-based citizenship program, and Grenada is a late entrant to this domain. The investment program started only in 2013; however, within such a small span of time, the program has become highly popular.

The speed of processing and the great advantages of living in Grenada is the main reason so many people are investing in Grenada despite the high initial investment requirement.

No Strict Conditions Like Language And Residence Requirements

If you want to live on a permanent basis in a country, then most government authorities will want you to be fluent in the local language so that communicating with the locals is not an issue for you. For instance, if you wish to obtain any permission to stay in England, you have to pass certain examinations that certify that you are fluent in the native language, that is, English.

Moreover, if you are applying to the United States, you have a strict residence requirement before you can file papers to get permission to stay there on a permanent basis.

However, when it comes to Grenada, there is no rule on acquiring competency in speaking or writing in the local language.

You Can Go With Your Entire Family

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When it comes to Grenada, a single application covers your entire family. So if you are investing, then you, your spouse, your minor children (those below the age of eighteen) and also your old parents can be included.

In some special cases, if you have a sibling who is physically or mentally challenged, then that sibling can also be included under a single investment-based program, unlike other nations where your dependent has to get a dependent visa before she gets full-fledged citizenship.

However, you and all your family members must be free of any criminal antecedents, and you must have a legal source of funds to pay for the investment program.

The Investment Is In Profitable Ventures

Whenever a government asks you to make an investment, it may seem like the government wants you to fund those ventures which have not been able to attract adequate funds. However, when it comes to investment options in Grenada, the schemes have been well formulated.

The government agencies have given two options, and each of the options has the potential to be highly fruitful.

Ability To Visit Multiple Other Nations

Many countries restrict the entry of people who belong to nations with whom the host country has a troubled relationship. However, when it comes to Grenada, it gives you smooth and hassle-free entry to as many as a hundred and forty countries.

Among these hundred and forty nations are countries of the European Union and Britain. Usually, countries in Western Europe are very particular about the people that they let into their national boundaries. So if you have been having trouble visiting a West European nation, then you could probably apply for permits via Grenada.

Also, if you wish to visit countries like China or Singapore for thirty days and that too without having to go through the process of obtaining a Visa, you could try using the Grenadian passport.

Life Is Great At The Carribeans

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If you are someone who is looking for a peaceful post-retirement home, then a small Caribbean nation is the ideal option. The climate in these islands is moderate; it has hot sunny weather as well as occasional rains.

It does not lie directly in the hurricane belt, so it is protected against sudden and devastating cyclonic storms. The island country of Grenada has a rich history and traces of British and French culture.

So in Grenada, the culture is unique, the scenic beauty is breathtaking, and the economy is prosperous. Moreover, law and order are also good. So if you invest your money into any venture or if you invest in properties, your money and your investment will remain safe and sound.


There are several reasons why people would like to hold more than one passport at the same time. Some countries offer tax relief, while others offer better conditions of living. Yet others offer better business opportunities.

Whatever your reason for wanting a second home, the Caribbean islands are a great option. The processing time for the permits is fast, and the conditions for residency and language are not very rigid. So if you have the money to invest, do give the Caribbean islands a try.