The Best Fundraising Ideas for Schools


Fundraising is an important aspect of school life as it helps to provide necessary resources, support programs, and activities, and create a better learning environment for students.

Are you looking for ways to fundraise for your school? Whether you’re looking for a simple and straightforward event or a more elaborate and exciting campaign, there’s something for everyone. There are many different ways to raise money, but some methods are more effective than others. Check out our list of the best fundraising ideas for schools so that you can start bringing in the money you need!

Charity Safaris

Charity Safaris is an organization that helps to raise funds for charity by providing international hunting trips. Charity Safaris are a unique and exciting way to raise money for schools and other charitable organizations. Suitable for groups of any size, Charity Safaris offer the opportunity to explore the wilds of Africa, Argentina, and New Zealand while participating in a classic hunting experience with all the necessary safety protocols in place.

Organizing hunting trips with Charity Safari has its own perks as the entire process is handled by them which gives you time for other stuff. Fundraising efforts through Charity Safari packages to help fund necessary school programs and provide an enjoyable, educational adventure for every participant – all while supporting a worthy cause.


T-Shirt Fundraising

T-shirt fundraising has become a popular option for many schools looking to raise additional funds. T-shirts are relatively inexpensive for families to purchase, make for a great souvenir, and provide the benefit of added publicity when people wear them around the community. As an added bonus, some companies may even be willing to produce the t-shirts at a discounted rate (or waive production costs altogether) if they are allowed to incorporate their logo in the design. So not only will you raise extra money, but you’ll also gain more exposure with minimal work!

Cookie Dough Fundraising Ideas for Schools


With the school year in full swing, schools are starting to think about fundraising ideas. One of the most popular fundraising activities that schools have taken on is cookie dough fundraising. This type of fundraiser has been a success since it involves low overhead costs and delicious goodies that can draw in large crowds. Cookie dough fundraising enables schools to generate profits based on the items they sell.

Most of the time, fundraisers are based around nut-free or gluten–free flavors so everyone can take part regardless of dietary restrictions. The key to successful cookie dough fundraising efforts for schools is to make sure there is plenty of variety and customization; whether it be chocolate chips, gummy bears, or any number of other sweet treats, being able to offer a wide selection can go a long way towards exceeding goals!

Prom Dress Drive

Have you ever wanted to have a prom dress worthy of a movie star, but couldn’t afford one? With help from your school, you can make that dream come true. A prom dress drive is the perfect fundraising opportunity for any school looking to get students involved and support a good cause.

Not only are these drives easy and low-cost to organize, but they can also bring in much-needed assistance for all types of special programs, as well as help give many deserving young individuals an extra boost of confidence on their big night. So why not turn this socially distant prom into a charitable event and put those dresses to good use? It’s one way for everyone at the school to be both fashionable and philanthropic!

School Carnival


A school carnival can be an excellent source of extra income for schools, as it offers a fun and engaging outing for students and parents alike. Yearly events such as a school carnival typically require minimal resources or expense to set up, making them easy and affordable to plan.

Such carnivals usually involve diverse activities, from game booths to raffles to contests, which help draw in crowds from the surrounding community. A successful school carnival can turn into an anticipated community event that happens annually and provides a significant boost in fundraising efforts for the school year.

Talent Show

Organizing a talent show is an excellent way to raise funds for your school. This can be achieved by hosting a virtual talent show or reserving a large venue to host the event in person. As the host, you can collect ticket sales and acquire sponsorships from local businesses to generate revenue. Additionally, food trucks and other vendors could be invited to set up shop near the venue, so that attendees can purchase food and other merchandise during intermissions.

Collecting donations is also a great way to raise money through the event; teams of volunteers can move around the audience asking for donations or have individuals ”vote” on their favorite performance with monetary contributions. A talent show provides an enjoyable way for students, parents, staff, and members of the community to come together to make memories while supporting the school financially.

Car Wash


Everyone loves a good ! A car wash event is an easy and fun way for your school to raise funds. The best part about a car wash is that it requires minimum effort and can reap high rewards. The key to success for this type of fundraiser is getting everyone involved – from teachers, parents, students, and even members of the local community. With just a few supplies such as sponges, soap, and buckets full of suds as well as determination from everyone you’re sure to have a successful event that looks great and raises lots of money for your school!


There are a lot of great ideas for fundraisers that can be tailored to fit any school. However, it is important to consider the time and resources available when planning a fundraiser. Charity safaris and t-shirt fundraisers are great if you have a lot of time to plan, but car washes and talent shows are perfect for last-minute fundraising efforts.

No matter what fundraiser you choose, make sure it is something that will engage your community and raise money for your cause!