The Best Web3 Sportsbooks


As cryptocurrency sports betting becomes more popular throughout the world, players are always looking to find the best site to place their bets with.

Aside from the traditional crypto betting sites, there is now a rise in web3 betting sites, which allow players to instantly connect their wallets to make fast deposits and withdrawals.

This is a movement known as web3, in which bettors can keep personal information safe, while also quickly and safely transferring money from their personal wallets into the betting site.

What is a Web3 Sportsbook?


web3 sportsbook is a blockchain-based sports betting platform which allows any bettor to connect their cryptocurrency wallet directly to the betting site. This means transfers of funds can be done safely and anonymously, which stays in line with the core principles of the blockchain world.

Like other sports betting sites, a web3 sportsbook offers 1000s of games from all sports to bet on, with pre-match and live betting options, plus premium features such as cashout, futures betting, and more!

What are the Benefits of a Web3 Sportsbook?


Web3 sportsbook offers players a number of benefits, most notably in terms of privacy, security, and transaction speed for depositing and withdrawing their crypto.

Data Protection

One of the biggest issues for sports bettors is having to provide personal data for every new platform they register with. Web3 sportsbooks solve this issue by not requesting any personal data, simply allowing them to deposit and withdraw by connecting a MetaMask or other wallet.

Full Transparency

Because everything that a web3 sports betting site does is completed via the blockchain, all transactions are recorded and visible. With a bet ticker at the bottom that reports all bets, players can see which bets have been placed in a sportsbook, the amount, and the result.

Instant Deposits/Withdrawals

Tired of waiting hours for your deposits and withdrawals to go through on a traditional betting site? Web3 sportsbooks deliver frictionless transactions via the blockchain, meaning that you can get funds into and out of your account within seconds.

The Best Web3 Sportsbook List

Our sports betting experts have compiled a list of the best web3 sportsbooks for users to play at, taking into account a wide range of criteria. These include bet types, additional features, deposit/withdrawals, support, referral bonuses, and much more.

This list will help you find your new web3 sportsbook easily, so that you can start betting your crypto on sports with the highest level of confidence!

What is the best web3 sportsbook?


Moonbet is the best web3 sportsbook in the opinion of our experts because it has over 50,000 markets from more than 25 sports, including live betting that has a streaming feature. They have high betting limits, quick bet acceptance times, and grade settlements as soon as the bets are won.

Registering and depositing with Moonbet is very simple, plus they accept over 100 of the world’s biggest crypto tokens. Withdrawing was just as easy, taking less than one minute to receive the funds in our wallet after requesting the withdrawal.

There is no KYC requirement from Moonbet, which keeps players anonymous and personal data safe. Yet, the platform is fully licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board, so players can feel safe placing their wagers with the company.

Finally, Moonbet has 24/7 live support directly in the sportsbook, which answered any questions we had. They also have a Telegram group, where community members and the project members are always available to assist.

Established in July 2024, the crypto sports betting site has been operating for 18 months and has received top ratings on its TrustPilot page.

What is the next best web3 sportsbook?



The second-best web3 sportsbook that we found was BC.Game, which also has a very solid sportsbook offering for crypto betting fans.

The platform provides players with a premium sportsbook that includes betting on all leagues from around the world. Like Moonbet, it also features live betting with streaming, giving players an exciting feel to be in the match.

Depositing and withdrawing is also quick and easy within the platform. The average deposit time was just under one minute and most withdrawals took under five minutes. Only on a large withdrawal did it take approximately one hour, but that is understandable.

Unlike Moonbet, however, there are some instances in which a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification may take place. This is quite standard in sportsbooks, but the web3 betting community may not like having to provide their personal documents to the site.

Established in 2019, BC.Game has operated without many major complaints, giving it a strong reputation in the betting world.

What is the third-best Web3 Sportsbook?


Rollbit receives the honour as our third best web3 sportsbook because it is an innovative platform that integrates NFT into sports betting. Although something that traditional sports bettors may find distracting, the style does add a different dimension for crypto sports betting.

The Rollbit sportsbook delivers many of the same features as Moonbet and BC.Game, most notably a large selection of sports to bet on. The live betting platform is also robust, giving players many options to choose from for in-play sports betting.

One major difference is that Rollbit is not a “pure” web3 sportsbook, as it also allows players to register via Steam or Twitch integration. Some players may find this an advantage, but many in the web3 community prefer to bet with platforms that stick with the main ideas of blockchain.

Deposits and withdrawals into Rollbit are seamless, not taking more than a few minutes to transfer funds. The one difference is that Rollbit does request KYC documentation in many cases, which could be off-putting to web3 enthusiasts.

Overally, the platform delivers a solid sportsbook experience and has a solid 4.0 rating out of 5 rating for trust, making it a great option for web3 sports bettors.

Final Thoughts

We truly believe that web3 sports betting will be the future, as cryptocurrency sportsbooks are rapidly gaining popularity.

We hope that this guide has been helpful for anybody looking to transition to using a cryptocurrency sports betting site that is transparent, trustworthy, and easy to use.

Good luck!