Tips for Planning Loft Extensions


Extension projects can be a good way of adding extra space to your house. You can convert your loft into a storage unit or an extra bedroom. However, the process of converting a loft can be very challenging.

Loft extensions not only add extra space to your house but also improve the value of your property. You will also save the extra money you would have spent on building an extra room. When it comes to extension projects, plenty of factors come into play.

This guide will focus on vital tips for planning loft extension projects.

Your Budget


How much are you planning to spend? Before buying materials and setting up project timelines, this should be the first thing you consider. It is always wise to work with a construction consultant or architect who will help you budget for the project.

A professional in the construction industry from Humphreysandsons will help you calculate the costs you will incur for the project. Also, include the fees for hiring an architect and applying for planning permission if you need it.

Planning Permission


Research if you will need planning permission for your loft extension project. In most cases, extension projects are covered under permitted development, which means that you don’t need a permit. However, there are instances where you will need planning permission for your project.

Such cases may happen if you live in a flat with neighbours. In such a case, you will need approval from the building regulations authority. You will also need an agreement with your neighbours.

Building Regulations


Different states and cities have different rules on building and construction projects. These regulations may involve adding a staircase to access the converted office or bedroom. The room also needs proper insulation to ensure that the place is safe all year round.

Last, the extension should conform to all safety policies such as having smoke detectors and an escape chute. All of these are things that a professional construction expert or architect will oversee. Don’t take shortcuts as it may attract hefty fines if the authorities catch you.

Plan on Moving Out


This may not be necessary if the project does not affect things such as the house’s plumbing, electrical systems, and designs. However, if the loft extension project will be massive and may take a couple of months, it would be wise to rent out a hotel room for the time being.

This is maybe critical, especially if you have a young family around. The project may take a long time if you have to pull down walls or wait for certain parts to cure before proceeding.

It is essential that you add rent expenses to your budget as part of the contingency funds.

Wrapping Up

A loft extension project can be an excellent and cheap way of adding extra value to your property. You don’t have to build an extra room altogether. Ensure that you consult the building and regulations authority on what permits you need before breaking ground.

We also recommend hiring an architect if the extension project will alter the house’s overall design.