5 Best Email Templates for Your Christmas Promotions

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Christmas is synonymous with family gatherings and an abundance of delicious goodies.

But, if you are a marketer, now is the moment to increase your annual sales!

According to the National Retail Federation, holiday shopping for the myriad events that occur during the twelfth month of the year can account for up to 30% of the average retail company’s yearly income. It’s no surprise that marketers place so much attention on this time of year.

Must-Try Email Templates for This Year’s Christmas Campaigns

PosterMyWall’s Christmas email templates are a fantastic way to wish your customers a happy holiday season and send them a thoughtful holiday present! The list below includes some outstanding emails from PosterMyWall that you may use as inspiration for your own holiday email initiatives.

1. Sale Template ‘Bedding Discounts’

This is a fantastic Christmas email design for informing customers that you have a year-end offer on your furniture pieces.

With sage green as the main color theme, this email template will give your customer all they need to know about the holiday shopping season.

If your company is on a limited budget, consider sending this email exclusively to loyal customers to express your gratitude.

2. Sale Template ‘Tech Discounts’

If you want to drop some treats under your customer’s Christmas tree, this email layout is an ideal choice.

Many people become annoyed when shopping for holiday gifts over the holidays. So if you want to help your favorite customers, send them this email and show them what you have on offer. Likewise, give them ideas about what electronic gadgets they should buy next.

3. Newsletter Template ‘Perfectly Baked Cookies’

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With this free Christmas email template, you’ll have the best-looking newsletter on the block.

No Christmas is complete without sweet treats, which is why it is a good idea to explain how to make them to your customers. This email template helps you show your expertise in the business and how you want to be a great help to your customers.

4. Newsletter Template ‘Holiday Season Rituals’

With this Christmas email design, invite your customers to participate in enjoyable activities with their friends and family.

This mail stands out with images of red, white, and green Christmas decorations. There’s also plenty of room for product photographs, intriguing captions, and entertaining seasonal phrases to capture your customers with this email template.

5. Product Promotion Template ‘Christmas Gift Guide’

Everyone enjoys receiving Christmas gifts, and so do your customers. So, if you want to make them smile this holiday season, send them an outstanding gift guide.

Insert your festive copy into the template and let your products shine. Also, for higher conversion rates, make an equally engaging Christmas subject line.

Do Christmas Email Campaigns Really Work?

When it comes to Christmas email advertising, your target audience is already in the buying mindset throughout the holiday season, and all you have to do is build a successful holiday campaign to guide them on the right path.

Nonetheless, creating effective Christmas email marketing can be challenging at times. So here are a few pointers to make it a hit and drive up company sales.

1. Pay Attention to The Copy

Before you start planning your Christmas email campaign, keep in mind that the material of your email marketing campaign should be both useful and captivating. This is vital since it encourages readers to read long enough to want to go over to your site and offers.

The copy should generate emotions that motivate your readers to read it from start to end.

2. Focus on The Subject Lines

People open emails because of subject lines, therefore choosing the best one should be your first priority. Your subject lines should grab the interest of your subscribers by generating curiosity, highlighting a true benefit, or being notably different.

Keep in mind that Christmas is a battle! Not only are your subscribers receiving more marketing messages, but their inboxes are also filling up with texts from friends and family.

So, you must craft emotional and intriguing subject lines that will stand out in a busy inbox.

3. Make Use of Email Segmentation

Segmentation is a very effective strategy, especially when it comes to delivering multiple messages to the right person at the right moment.

Email segmentation improves the performance of your emails by making the material you send to your subscribers more relevant to them. You can categorize your consumers by gender, interests, or even purchasing history.

A seasonal greeting email would be sufficient for all new customers added in the last few months. Following that, you can start targeting some of them depending on the criteria mentioned above.

Key Takeaway

Christmas is one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year. Make sure your Christmas marketing strategy is on track and that people receive their special presents and offerings from you.

Take these wonderful templates or create your own, personalize them with great graphics and email practice guidelines, and spread the holiday spirit with your community to increase sales and interactions beyond initial expectations.