Renting a Car in Romania: What You Need to Know


Renting a car in Romania can be a great way to explore the country and its people, but it’s important to know what you need to do before you take off. Possession of a valid driving license is extremely essential in order to drive on Romanian roads. However, foreigners may be able to rent a car by renting a vehicle from any licensed rental company. This article illustrates what you need to know before renting a car in Romania.

Things You Must Know Before Renting A Vehicle In Romania

• Rental car companies in Romania are plentiful, and most of them offer competitive prices and reliable service. Rent from a reputable company. You don’t want to rent from an unscrupulous agency that will try and trick you out of your money. Head on to this website to get reliable and quality rental services in Bucharest at risk-free and flexible terms.

• Verify if the agency has insurance against loss from theft or accidents. They should also have some form of roadside assistance available if something goes wrong while you are on the road. In addition, read all the terms and clauses in the policy carefully.

• Verify the vehicle’s safety and reliability. You don’t want to get stuck somewhere because your vehicle isn’t working properly. Check all the car details before signing up for any paper. Make sure your car has all the features that you require for easy and comfortable driving.


• Check the rental agency’s website for details on insurance and fees before you rent your car. If your rental vehicle is damaged during use, you will need to report it immediately to the rental company, so they can contact their insurance provider and file an accident claim with them.

• Make sure you have enough cash on hand to pay for your rental vehicle, plus any fees that may be charged by the rental company or government entities. However, there are no tolls on any Romanian roads.

• The traffic is totally similar to that of any metropolitan city. The streets are often busy and there will be a lot of traffic. Most people are always in hurry, so drivers won’t always be courteous. But the driving rules are pretty much the same as in other countries, so you won’t have much trouble reaching your destination.


• Gas stations that take credit cards at some speed limits. Moreover, gasoline is about $1 per liter, so you will probably want to fill up before you go on any long drives, and don’t forget the spare tire in case of emergencies.

The Bottom-line

It can be difficult to find a good car rental company, but the process of renting a vehicle is not that overwhelming until you have all the legal documents. You might want to make sure your car is in good condition, and it is suitable for your traveling requirements. Lastly, make sure to follow the laws and regulations, so you don’t get into any trouble with the local authorities.