What is the Cheapest Month to Go Book a Cruise?

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Want to know when it’s the least expensive to go on a cruise?

If you try to book cruise online during the high season, you might be in for a rude awakening when you see the prices (especially if you plan on bringing your entire family with you).

It is more affordable to take a cruise in the late winter or early fall.

Here are some tips for arranging a cheap cruise vacation.

1. Buy early and in advance

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When to buy a cruise? Now and as you’re reading this!

Last-minute cruise bargains are alluring, but book early.

This isn’t because buying early is cheaper, but because you should think about the preparation. Prices alter but stay the same whether a vacation departs in a month or a year. If a cruise had empty accommodations, the firm should lower pricing to entice passengers. This is because unoccupied rooms cost the cruise line money.

If every cruise line offered last-minute discounts, people would wait.

Some cruise operators won’t discuss prices until a week or two before departure. Waiting until the cruise’s sail date doesn’t always save money, so buy early. If you book early and the price drops, you can get the difference returned. It is a win-win situation in your case!

2. Go when others can’t

When most individuals are busy or reluctant to board, rates are cheaper.

Most cruisers choose a sailing date around their work or school schedule.

Look for cruise departures during the school year or when most businesses are closed.

I’ll outline the best dates to book cruises on different itineraries, but these are all times when families aren’t traveling.

Shoulder season” lies between the peak summer and low winter seasons.

First and end days, weeks, or months of a ship’s presence are less favorable for weather, animals, and vegetation. If you are ‘thick-skinned’, you will enjoy the cruise just as much during winter.

3. Be aware of the cheapest weeks

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  • 2nd week of January through early February — After Christmas through New Year’s Eve, rates frequently drop. This is when you should keep your eyes on the prize.
  • Last week of February – Valentine’s Day week prices are higher, which is why the 27th of February might be the best (and most random) affordable solution.
  • After Spring Break, there’s a lull in early May before summer vacation. This is because Memorial Day raises prices.
  • With kids back in school and hurricane season in full gear, September after Labor Day is a terrific time to travel.
  • December’s first two weeks – the first two weeks of December are frequently cheaper than Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Want to travel?

Want to explore some cruise deals asap?! If you want to explore exotic destinations and you can book your vacation a bit in advance why not book a cruise online and fulfill your dreams?! Travel solo, with your friends or family – there’s a bit of everything for everyone’s budget. You will love every moment, we can bet on it!