5 Things You Should Know About Eyebrow Growth Serums

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Every girl dreams of thick full eyebrows! They make the face look youthful and more expressive.

Of course, not all of us are born with luxurious brows, or we damage them by frequent tinting or laminating.

However, past mistakes are not the reason to give up on your dreams. You can repair and nourish your eyebrows using eyebrow growth serum in Canada.

Keep reading our article to know all about how such products work and where they can be purchased.

1. What effect can the serum have?

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High-quality serum can improve your eyebrows.

Their regular use strengthens brow hairs, makes them look thicker, restores hair follicles, and also stimulates the growth of new hairs.

2. What should be the composition?

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The priority is given to the products containing peptides, panthenol, and biotin.

Peptides restore hair follicles. They make the eyebrows appear fuller and thicker over time.

Biotin is responsible for growth and strengthening, and panthenol is a real rescue for thin eyebrows. This component revitalizes hair, making it moisturized and healthy.

3. Which components are better to avoid?

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Give up products that include hormones.

They can provoke inflammatory processes, as well as cause conjunctivitis and dermatitis.

In general, you should immediately stop using any makeup or skincare products if the eyes become watery, itchy, or red.

4. How long will it take for the effect?

Most serums take three to six weeks to improve eyebrow condition.

Strictly follow the instructions: do not apply it more often than recommended. This will not accelerate hair growth, as they need some time to recover.

5. Where to buy eyebrow growth serum in Canada?

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A large selection of quality serums can be found on the site of a Canadian brand LashStorePro.

The company is the distributor of the popular brand Adoreyes, which is produced in Ontario, Canada. Its serums have proven to be hypoallergenic and safe products. They do not contain harmful ingredients, parabens, sulfates, and hormones. Due to this, even people with allergies or sensitive skin can use them.

Regular use of these serums will have a positive result: their effective and useful composition helps to restore and stimulate eyebrow growth.

Do not give up your dream – contact LashStorePro, and you will be helped to choose a product that will make your eyebrows healthy and beautiful!