Things You Might Be Doing That Kill Your Baccarat Wins


The people that love baccarat tend to be very serious about their game. They don’t like to take more chances than they need to and have several rules they follow to ensure they are getting the best odds of winning. Such as by betting on only the tie or banker bets.

If you want to get in on some of the secrets of improving your baccarat wins, then here are some of the things you should avoid doing.

Unrealistic Expectations or Relying Too Much on Betting Strategies


You will inevitably experience the occasional losing streak in baccarat, as in any other game of luck. However, your reaction to your losses should be healthy. You want to ensure you know when it’s time to leave the game alone and accept that it was fun while it lasted. This is all part of having a realistic mindset towards gambling. And an absolute must if you want to avoid feeling overly disappointed or chasing losses which may result in even more of the same thing.

Also, not getting too emotional about your losing streak will lessen the chances of you chasing your losses or doubling your bets to try and gain back more.

Focusing on Cheating or Learning to Count Cards


There are very few possibilities that card counting will really benefit you these days. In the game of baccarat, the likelihood of counting cards only exists in land-based casinos. But it is a tedious and time-consuming skill to practice. Plus, there’s really no guarantee that it will help you all that much while you’re there. As casinos tend to use multiple decks of cards and have many different variations of the game available. Altogether, it’s not really worth the amount of time and effort that goes into it.

Same goes for trying to cheat the casino, will which only land you in trouble at any brick-and-mortar casino. And is also not possible at online casinos. Which use high-level security features and have terms and conditions which will prevent you from using any software or programs that allow any illegal tricks.

Playing Commission-Free Baccarat


Many players who are aware that there’s a commission for the banker bet in baccarat will try to find commission-free games instead. This sounds like an excellent idea and is still not a bad choice when you compare to other forms of betting. But it does raise the house edge up to 3% from regular baccarat.

In which case, you are actually much better off with classic baccarat than any variations free from commissions.

Not Choosing Games with the Fewest Decks


It’s been proven that in games like baccarat and blackjack, games with fewer decks are highly favorable. Basically, what it means is that the variability of the potential cards being dealt will be lower. This might be helpful for in-person games of baccarat, instead of computerized versions. But it is also worth keeping in mind when checking out the live dealer games of baccarat at


There might never be a single thing that you can do to ensure a win as long as a game is luck-based. However, with the right mindset and knowledge at your disposal, you are much more likely to win. Or at the very least, have a great time trying while playing baccarat.