Remember That False Nuclear Missile Alarm? New Movie 20 Minutes Tops It


If you like staying updated on worldwide happenings, you probably know that back in 2018, emergency dispatchers were overwhelmed by more than 4.500 calls right after Honolulu locals received a message stating that a nuclear missile is headed toward their mainland. “This is not a drill” the message declared and people started wondering what will happen in the minutes after they received the frightening message. What would you choose to o if you learned that you only have approximately 20 minutes left on this Earth?

This particular question is the premise for the up-and-coming film arriving from the well-known producer and director, Tim Chey. His new movie is all about the incoming projectile to Hawaii, and more importantly, how it managed to completely transform the lives of twelve people that have learned that they only have twenty minutes left on this Earth. As you might have guessed, this new film is established on the story we previously mentioned, but there is one major difference – the missile in the film is very much genuine and directed towards Hawaii.

As the clock starts ticking backward, every scene that you see in the film is in real-time, which suggests that you’ll be following the main stars as the counter goes from twenty to the last minute left. When talking about the characters in the film, they are very much diverse. They range from a liberal Democrat to a really conservative Republican, to a person who believes in God with all their heart to one who doesn’t believe, all the way to a local and a Japanese millionaire.

All of these characters start looking for shelter so that they can try to save themselves from the projectile that is slowly but surely approaching. An intriguing point in this film is that all the characters are completely different, however, although their background and walks of life are diverse, they somehow, in the end, all come together – which teaches us that no matter our differences, we are all people in the end.


The characters are all interesting to follow, as well as to discover how they deal with the situation and if you choose to watch it, expect it to be truly intense, especially since it’s in real-time. The message in the real-life situation caused a lot of people who were nonbelievers to quickly turn to God in a moment of crisis, and for Chey who is one of the best faith-based movie directors, he immediately had an idea of how he can turn this situation into an intense movie.

It’s worth noting that the movie premiere was sold out during the Film Festival in Cannes, which is yet another reason why you must seriously consider seeing 20 Minutes, as well as other films that were directed by Tim Chey. His new movie 20 minutes will premier all over the globe in October 2024, and if you’re willing to watch something nerve-wracking, interesting, and quite intense, don’t forget to visit the theater two months from now!