Fulfill Your Fantasies with LEVETT Electro Massager!

What pleasure gets you excited? Do you find yourself struggling to hit the right spot with yourself or your partner? LEVETTelectro prostate massager will take care of just what you need in the rear department. This electro prostate massager is designed to stimulate your p-spot (the perineum) and your anal both at the same time and will leave you with one of the most memorable climaxes you or your partner could have imagined. The base is designed to massage your perineum and give you the ultimate anal experience. Choose from one of the 16 different functions and if you would like to double up just push two buttons at the same time and enjoy a shocking mysterious pleasure.

This electro prostate massager is designed especially for men also and can hit all the erogenous spots. Its design is specifically based on ergonomics and the top of it is shaped at a 15-degree angle so that it can reach just the spot you need it to. You can open up new possibilities and live out your anal fantasies with this electro prostate massager because it will leave your anal completely relaxed so that you can enjoy the journey. with its dual motors and its finger like wiggle motion moving back and forth against your most needed spot in your anal you will be on your way to a whole new world.

Are you comfortable with yours or your partner’s finger but never tried anything else? No worries!

This electro prostate massager is designed to feel soft and comfortable and inserts with ease just as the finger would. You will hardly no the difference, except for the more bountiful experience that comes along with it. Its heated head will warm you right up to the experience and leave you feeling relaxed and able to cease the moment every step of the way. Now that we have learned all of the fun things that this electro-prostate massager can do for us, let’s take a look at all of the more technical things like the features and size and shape and what it’s made out of, so that we know just exactly what we are getting. The Bodi electro prostate massager by LEVETT comes made of the safest most sensual material; it is made of a waterproof phthalate free silicone material.

Electro prostate massager comes in black and is usb rechargeable and comes with its own charger, so no need to worry about those dreadful batteries needing to be replaced right in the middle of your most orgasmic experience. It functions with 2 motors, 3 different moving modes, and an amazing 16 different vibration modes so that you or your partner stay satisfied the whole time. Comparing a specific electro prostate massager I have found that it is one of the only types that has this many functions. In addition, other types only run off one motor leaving them less powerful. Some other types are not rechargeable and you may have to deal with replacing batteries but not with the levett electro prostate massager. The head of this prostate massager and its designed angle of 15 degrees is specifically designed to reach that most important spot where as with others they may not be designed with the right amount of angle that you need to hit the P-spot.

Source: medium.com

Enjoy with prostate massagers perfect angles and ribbed texture with its 360 degree rotation ability that will leave your anal in the state of shock it needs to be in. Pulsating electric shock waves at just the right time will push you or your partner overboard in a matter of minutes. Don’t dread anal pleasure any longer, explore your true self and all of your most pleasurable spots by prostate massager. Use it at your own discretion and enjoy knowing that its whisper quiet sound will never alarm anyone to anything different. Keep your electro prostate massager charged at your convenience with it durable usb charger and charger it to full capacity in no time so that you can be on your way to discover new awakenings of the prostate.