4 Celebrities Who Are Members of Mensa – You Will Be Surprised

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Mensa is a society for people with an IQ of 130 or higher. It’s a pretty exclusive club, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that not many celebrities are members. However, there are a few celebrities who are Mensans, and you might be surprised to learn who they are. The place where you can try IQ testing is https://worldiqtest.com/, so feel free and see where you are!

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

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Known for her roles in “Shakespeare in Love” and “The Avengers,” Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to the spotlight. And although she may not be a household name, the Academy Award-nominated actress is apparently a strong supporter of Mensa, an international organization that tests individuals on their IQs.

In fact, Paltrow has been a member of Mensa since 2002 and has even served as an honorary president of the group. “Mensa is the best kept secret in Hollywood,” she told The Telegraph last year. “It’s a very selective organization where you have to have an IQ of 132 or above. You don’t know who’s in it and who isn’t – it’s very hush-hush. I think it’s really interesting and inspiring.”

So what does Paltrow feel makes Mensa such an exceptional organization? According to The Telegraph, Paltrow believes that Mensa members tend to be “more creative, independent-minded and open-minded than the average person.”

2. Billy Zane

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Billy Zane is an actor and musician who has starred in films such as Titanic, A Few Good Men, and The Village. He is also a musician and has played in bands such as the Lemonheads and the Vandals. In 2006, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism. Despite this diagnosis, Billy has continued to work and achieve success. In 2011, he was elected to Mensa International, an organization made up of people who have an IQ of over 130. Here are four things you may not know about Billy Zane:

1) He was originally born in Hawaii but moved to California when he was young.
2) He has a degree in music from the University of Southern California.
3) He is a self-taught musician.
4) He is married to actress Olivia Newton-John and they have two children.

3. Tom Hanks

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Tom Hanks is one of the most beloved Hollywood stars around and for good reason. The man has a ton of talent and has been involved in some amazing projects over his long career. One of those projects is being a member of Mensa, the high IQ society.

Many people probably don’t know this, but Tom Hanks is actually really smart. In fact, he was once admitted to Mensa, which is an organization that only accepts people with a score of 130 or higher on the Mensa Intelligence Quotient Test (MQT). That’s pretty impressive given that the average score for Mensa members is around 166.

Tom Hanks isn’t the only Hollywood star to be a member of Mensa. Other celebrities who are members include Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, and John Malkovich. Obviously, these guys are all incredibly talented and smart, but it’s still pretty surprising to see them join an organization like this.

4. Mark Ruffalo

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Mark Ruffalo is quite the impressive individual. Not only does he have an Oscar-winning resume, but he’s also a member of Mensa, one of the most prestigious intelligence societies in the world. So what makes this actor so smart? Well, for one, Ruffalo has a high IQ of 126. And while that might not seem like much, it’s actually pretty high when you consider that Mensa has a median IQ of 130.

Ruffalo isn’t the only Hollywood heavyweight to join Mensa. Other stars who have been dubbed “smart guys” include Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher, and Bradley Cooper. So if you’re wondering which celebrities have brains as sharp as swords (or pens), look no further than these illustrious names!


If you’re a fan of celebrities, chances are you’ve heard of Mensa. Mensa is an international organization that tests people on their intelligence quotient (IQ). Membership in Mensa is based on a score from the general population that ranges from 2 to 130. According to The Telegraph, “Mensa members have an average IQ of 126, which makes them three times as intelligent as the average person.”