Things You Should Do to Avoid Getting Banned at Online Bookies


Getting banned from online bookies is not something new. If you violate some sportsbook rules, you will most likely get blocked from placing bets. Still, you may be restricted from claiming promotions or betting on specific sports. Well, if you are a gambler and you don’t want to get blocked, we have got you covered. This read will educate you on some of the things you should do to avoid getting blocked at online bookies. Keep reading.

Don’t Abuse Promotional Offers

As a bettor, you should try your best not to violate the bonuses and promotional offers.

Before you claim any bonus offer, you should first read the bonus terms and conditions.

Once you do that, you will get to know what you need to do when using the bonuses. For instance, you will know the wagering requirements you need to meet and the games you can bet on using the bonuses. And if the bonus terms and conditions are not clear, we recommend you contact the customer support team for clarifications.


Login to your Account Regularly

Most online sportsbooks ban gaming accounts that are not active. For example, there are some bookies that ban accounts that have been inactive for one month. In fact, they assume that you are no longer interested in betting. So, if you don’t want your account to be terminated, you should log in at least once a week. Also, you don’t need to make bets in order to remain active.

Bet on Different Markets

Another thing you should do to avoid getting banned is to bet on different markets and sports. If you bet on a certain market and sport for a long time, you will probably get your account banned. In most cases, it happens when you get arbs from a surebets finder.

Remember, arbitrage betting guarantees you consistent profits, meaning that the bookie may become suspicious. In order to avoid getting banned, we recommend you bet on different markets and sports.


Spread your Bets

You can also avoid getting banned by spreading your bets. In other words, you should place bets at different bookmakers. If you win consistent profits at one sportsbook, it will raise a red flag. Moreover, you can spread your bets at different bookies without worrying about odds. All you need to do is register with bookies with the same odds. Even if they vary, they only vary slightly.

Don’t Withdraw your Deposits without Wagering

Some bettors make deposits and then withdraw the funds right. This is a serious mistake and could get your account banned. Before you withdraw your money, you should wager the funds at least one time. Furthermore, you should not withdraw all the winnings. If you leave some funds in your account, your gaming account will never be banned.


Final Thoughts

Most gaming accounts get blocked because of petty mistakes like the one we have mentioned. As a bettor, you should try your best not to get your account banned. All you need to do is adhere to the bonus terms and conditions, log in to your account regularly, and spread your bets across different bookies. You also need to bet on different markets and leave some funds in your gaming account. Once you do that, your accounts will always remain active.