What Are Your Rights as a Bike Rider on Miami Roads?

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Bicycling is an excellent mode of transportation. It gives you exercise while also helping the environment by reducing your gas consumption. Unfortunately, it can be hazardous, particularly when sharing the road with other vehicles. Several bike riders are killed or critically injured yearly in Miami bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, and buses. In 2024, there were 6,389 bicycle crashes in Florida, with 182 resulting in death. You should not take a bike accident lightly if you have been harmed.

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A bicycle accident victim can file an injury claim in Miami

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While bike accidents are all too common in Miami and around Florida, many victims are unaware that they may be able to sue the negligent party for damages. Property damage, mental or emotional anguish, and past and future medical expenses, such as doctor’s bills, surgeries, rehabilitation, and treatment, are all possible damages.

Statute of limitations for bicycle accident injuries

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Florida law states you have four years to file a bicycle accident injury claim. You have a period of two years after a serious injury or loss of life caused by someone else’s negligence to file a legal claim and seek compensation. Waiting too long makes your case more difficult to win.

As evidence vanishes from the scene and witnesses’ recollections fade, there will be fewer opportunities to locate it in the future. As soon as feasible, you should file a personal injury claim.

To win a bicycle accident lawsuit, you must establish that the individual who damaged you was negligent and that their conduct resulted in your injuries or death. Your Miami bicycle accident lawyers will put in a lot of effort to substantiate your case.

Bicycle Accident Liability

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Distracted drivers are a significant issue on our roadways, and they are frequently the cause of collisions. Drivers not paying attention are more likely to miss bicyclists, resulting in catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain damage and death. In many circumstances, proving guilt is critical to hold the at-fault motorist responsible for their acts and recover damages.

You can file a personal injury claim based on the legal principle of negligence in an automobile accident involving bicyclists. The failure of the at-fault party to conduct reasonable due diligence, resulting in the victim’s injury, is referred to as negligence.

Can I bike on Miami’s sidewalks?

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In Florida, it is quite acceptable to bicycle on the sidewalk. When passing a pedestrian, they must be careful. If they intend to turn or stop, they must warn the pedestrians that they are approaching from behind. To prevent mishaps, they should communicate via hand gestures and verbal cues.

It is required that vehicles give way to pedestrians and cyclists crossing a crosswalk. No matter what type of vehicle you drive in Miami, you must respect red lights, traffic signals, and the general traffic regulations.