Why Hydrogen Is the Key to Canada’s Energy Transition

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Although we have already faced major global economic crises, it looks like many of us haven’t learned much from that experience. And yet, maybe some of us have learned something after all? Today we are facing a major energy crisis, but it seems like Canadians have the key to solving this problem – at least when it comes to their country.

The Dark Age Of The World’s Energetics

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The statements of the world’s leaders and secretaries of Ministries Of Energetics of the world’s leading countries – have not been encouraging in recent years. Namely, predictions are that the world’s largest companies must intensify the energy transition – otherwise, we can soon expect a complete financial collapse. These alarming statements have only been further strengthened by the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine – which is why almost the entire world is facing inflation and the new, biggest energy crisis so far. Still, does this statement apply to Canadians – or do they have an ace up their sleeve this time?

Turning To The Green Energy Sector

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Even before the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, we were already in an energy problem – so to many experts, this situation was not a surprise. Unstable energy prices and growing nervousness over inflation – are, once again, starting the dialogues about climate-changing issues. Facing the problems of natural gas shortages in Europe, rising fuel prices in the United States, and growing insecurity due to possible destabilization of the power grid – are making governments and major companies of the world’s great forces do everything to confront such challenges. Has Canada found a solution to the problem this time? Very possible! Although many countries, including those on the Old Continent, are turning to the so-called green energy sector – we can say some Canadian companies have already gained the advantage. One of them is the Canadian GRS Hydrogen Solutions.

The Canadian Key To Success In The Energy Transition Process

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Many companies today are turning to the green energy sector – in which the focus is on producing electricity from hydrogen. Canada is no exception. However, something different happened to them. Namely, during the energy crisis, the Canadian GRS Hydrogen Solutions, one of the most important green energy companies, decided to go public by placing its shares on TSX. You can read more, and you’ll find out that this company has a system that converts hydrogen into clean electricity through extraction from seawater.

Here, we would add another advantage – and that is also the possibility of producing drinking water. The advantage of going to TSX is that this stock market in Toronto is a true oasis for green companies, allowing investors to get involved in the business. In this sense, we can say that such companies have scored a point – because, on both sides, a long-term effect of renewable energy sources is expected.

Let’s Not Forget Transport And Car Industry

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Most countries are slowly beginning to turn to the use of environmentally-friendly electric cars. They don’t pollute the environment – and yet, it is enough to re-charge them at some of the existing stations. Today hydrogen is increasingly mentioned as an alternative to fossil fuels. Moreover, hydrogen is the only replacement for fossil fuels we know about till now.

The planet has it in abundance, it doesn’t emit toxins when releasing energy – and yet, for now, it is used only by rockets and a small number of owners of the exotic TeslaMobile.

Although, until recently, there has been fierce controversy over whether hydrogen is usable at all as a fuel for widespread commercial use – today, we can say things are slowly changing.