How Long Do Most Personal Injury Claims Take – 2024 Guide


If you have suffered an injury, be it in a car accident or under some other circumstances that involve a second party, the next logical thing to do is to file a personal injury lawsuit.

We say logical because under these circumstances most people feel like being justly compensated for what they have suffered. It’s not all about the injuries, it’s also about the suffering one goes through when experiencing these things.

So, in order to be justly compensated, you’ll need to go through the process of a personal injury case. What you can expect if it ends in your favor is for the compensation to cover your medical expenses and other damages that were a direct result of an accident.

Naturally, the next question would be how long will all this take?


As is the case with all legal systems in this world, the process can be daunting and requires patience. But, if you find an adequate attorney specialized in such cases, it won’t be daunting at all. Yes, it will take patience, but at least you can rest assured the case will be successful, and you’ll get the fair compensation you deserve.

In order for you to assess how long will your personal case take, we’ll give you all the things you need to consider.

Let’s start with taking a closer look at how filing such a lawsuit goes…

Once it is determined your case is credible, then it can be filed in court. Basically, the complaint you’re filing describes what you are accusing the defendant of doing. It also describes the way you have been injured.

After it has officially been filed, the attorney will do all it takes to locate the person you’ve filed the complaint against, to inform him about it. All of this goes in such a way that everything is being documented, so it can be verified in order to prevent another person from claiming he hasn’t been informed about it.

The filing of a complaint also comes with a deadline you should be aware of. According to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Pasadena, Texas, this deadline is two years from the date of the accident. But, each state has a different deadline. If you fail to meet it, you have lost your chance for a fair settlement for that particular accident. Hence the importance of reacting on time.

Personal injuries can be different…


Most of us think about this term only when we suffer a car accident, for example. But the truth is, that these settlements can be pursued in many other situations that include:

• Cases of medical malpractice
• If you have suffered a workplace injury
• Wrongful death
• Product liability, etc.

What happens next?


Once a certain type of lawsuit is filed, the collection of evidence takes place. It involves both collecting physical evidence, and interrogation of both sides, including witnesses. If you have found a skillful lawyer to pursue your settlement you can expect to be compensated for medical bills, emotional pain, and suffering, any damage your property has suffered, or losing income.

As for how much you can expect to get, it depends on the specifics. It is usually determined by assessing things like how much damage your property has suffered? How much you’ll need to cover for the treatments of the injuries you’ve suffered?

Have you suffered a loss of income also, because of what has happened? Is your quality of life affected by the accident? All this, and probably even more things will be taken into consideration when setting the final figure, you’ll be entitled to after the trial.

And finally, how long will take you to get the settlement?


This depends on the type of accident. If it was a traffic accident, accident at work, or a fall in a public place, your case should be settled in the period of 4 – 9 months. That is if you choose to accept the first offer.

In cases of medical negligence, the minimum wait is 18 months, but it can take up to 3 years. Public liability takes up to a year. So, as you can see, it is very different.

Some accidents may cause multiple injuries, and these are processed separately. Hence taking more time. it is because some take more time to be treated than others, and the evaluation of how much you have spent treating them has to wait.

Finding a good lawyer makes this process easier…


To choose a good and capable lawyer, there are a few key rules you need to follow. We bring you 3 tips on how to choose a good lawyer for car accidents and personal injuries, hoping that it will make it easier for you in moments of uncertainty.

1. Seek recommendations and reviews

Namely, every lawyer and law firm will present their work and services in the best possible way. However, what permanently removes doubts are the recommendations or reviews of satisfied customers.

When you talk to a lawyer, be sure to ask for this information, they will give you a broader picture of what kind of lawyer or law firm it is, which greatly influences the choice.

2. Look for the amount of damage obtained and the degree of success in resolving cases

By reading the statistics on the number of damages obtained, as well as the percentage of success in resolving cases, we can determine the quality and ability of a particular lawyer or law firm.

In the event that the firm you are negotiating with has many successfully resolved cases and large amounts of damages obtained, this may be the predominant factor in your choice.

3. Familiarize yourself with the terms of payment

Before you start working with a company, first get acquainted with the terms of payment and their structure. It is very important to know which figure will be deducted from the final calculation.

And finally, keep in mind that it is always better to have someone who knows how to deal with these cases in your corner than to pursue the case yourself.