5 Tips for Understanding the Car Accident Settlement Process

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Have you been in a car crash accident? These are more often than you may think. Luckily and thanks to the development of smart cars, we will see fewer and fewer of these. A car wreck caused by another driver’s negligence or your own can happen, but only in some instances, you can seek proper compensation. So, how does the car accident settlement process work? It is a lengthy investigation and you might need and prefer the help of your lawyer. Keep on reading and get all the answers to your questions down below!

When is the right time to negotiate and when is the right time to file a car accident lawsuit?

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The truth is that it is a lengthy and time-consuming process. However, you should never just quit and file a car accident lawsuit to get it over with. A fun fact: only 3% of car accidents make it to trial. The truth is that filing a car accident lawsuit will only cause further delays in the settlement process. You should consult with your attorney and see how they feel about the process. Do they think that it is worth fighting the battle in the long run, or should you just accept the best possible offer that comes your way?

What will dictate the settlement process: top 3 things that are vital

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In most cases, the settlement takes up to two months to do and resolve. This applies to most car accidents and settlements throughout the US. However, there can always be delays of some sort. Everything will depend on the following factors:

1. MMI

Only once you are fully recovered from your injury you can build your case and accept the settlement. MMI refers to the level at which a victim’s condition cannot be healed any further and when it has reached its optimal state. So, how big is your injury? Be prepared for full long or short recovery to get compensated.

2. Calculate your expenses

When it comes to car accidents your expenses are compensatory damages. Any type of delay in medical treatment or vehicle repairs can significantly stall this process. Do the math and see how much time and money this will take. When both parties are prepared for it, you will get the green light and see the outcome.

3. Your evidence

It can take some time to go through all the evidence. The longer it takes to obtain the right evidence, the longer it takes for a payout to happen. The more evidence, the lengthier the case. Don’t let that worry you since your attorney will help and resolve any questions.

5 Tips for understanding the Car Accident Settlement Process

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1. Watch out for the time you have

Time is always running out, which is why you have to be quick when it comes to your settlement. Heads up since every state is different, meaning that the process of settlement can vary and be completely different. Motions need to be filed accordingly. This applies to both big and small cases and wherever one might want to get compensated. If you wait too long to get legal help, you might lose your right to claim anything.

2. Watch out for the notification letter

How to know that everything is official and that it is running its course? It always begins and starts with the notification letter. This is the first step to letting the other party know that a legal team is now involved after the car accident. This will dictate the course of the process and will make things ”official” for both parties. You should send it out or receive it, depending on where you stand in the case.

3. Car insurance laws

You should have the most basic knowledge when it comes to law regulations and insurance.

This will help you take the next step the right way and in the right direction. Every driver is required by law to carry their car insurance papers with them at all times and should be prepared if something does happen. So, take action and be aware of your responsibilities and liability.

4. At-fault system & no at-fault system

As you probably guessed, the person responsible for causing the accident is liable to pay for all the damages that have occurred. It all comes to how they play it and how their insurance company plays it out. However, there is also the no-fault system that can save you from getting in trouble. In this case, no one is to blame with this insurance coverage system, meaning that one can ask for insurance coverage from your company.

5. Attention to details

Your lawyer will do a preliminary analysis of the car accident before filing the claim, as they should. When this is done and the notification letter has been sent, it is time to talk with the insurance company. You should know that accepting the first option is not the only option, and that you should think twice about your proper compensation.

You can also focus on expert consulting and thinking about all the interviews. Your lawyer will help you build your case and revisit any big or small gaps in the system.

Do you need help with your case?

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Going through a car crash or accident of any sort can be scary and frightening, along with costly and time-consuming. This is why you may appreciate a bit of help on the side with the right team. So, have you been seriously injured in a car accident in Sacramento that was no fault of your own? Are you trying to build a case? Car accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. The most common types of car accidents result from driver negligence. You should check out and contact Sacramento Motor vehicle accident lawyer and let them help your specific case. They are professionals who will know how to approach each situation, no matter how hard it may be. Give them a go and see for yourself.