Types of Wristbands and How to Choose the Best One for Your Event

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With the growth in popularity, wristbands have become an essential piece for any large event. Not only that it helps in managing the crowds and making the event run nicely, but they also hold a significant fashion value.

In this article, we’ll explain the wristband types to help you choose the best option for your event. Keep reading and find out how to satisfy your participants, as well as improve the managing of your manifestation.


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As one of the types that offer the highest durability, the vinyl wristbands are a great fit for various activities.

They are made from three layers. The lowest is soft and is meant for comfortability, and prevents irritation on the skin. The middle layer is meant for the rigidity of the wristband.

The top layer is the vinyl one and it is great for all customization features.

To top the durability of these wristbands, the locking mechanism is convenient as well.

They come with a button that cannot be opened, so the only way to remove the wristband is by cutting it.

The durability they come with, and the ability to wear them for long periods make them suitable for the theme and amusement parks, festivals, and camps.


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Plastic is another type of wristband that can be easily spotted in many outdoor activities.

The polyurethane combined with polyester in multiple layers makes this bracelet highly durable.

These bracelets are waterproof and are comfortable enough to be worn for a couple of days. They can be fitted to any person since they come with a button that cannot be opened without visible damage. That is why this type is popular among festivals, resorts, and open-air events.


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As one of the popular wristband types, the Tyvek has been used for many events such as amusement parks, sports, and carnivals.

They are made from a revolutionary material that looks like a paper that is thoroughly enriched to meet security requirements. To prevent malversations, the closure is made with various cuts that show whether the wristband has been taken off.

It is light and comfortable and withstands load and scratches without a problem. It is waterproof, and cannot be torn apart. In addition, they can be recycled which is great for the earth’s future.


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If you want to provide an unforgettable experience to the guests and participants, you should surely go with a cloth type of wristband. They are the most comfortable option, and their durability should not be questioned since ripping them is almost impossible. That is why most popular festivals use this option.

These bracelets are worn even after the event finishes which makes them a great marketing tool. With proper customization and implementation of logos and colors, you will surely represent your firm greatly.


Depending on the nature of the event you are planning, this is an appropriate wristband for you to consider. Although they differ in pricing, that is nothing compared to the experience you are providing your guest with.

Be sure to come up with great customization features, and choose the colors nicely. Not only do the bracelets help in establishing a great experience, but they make managing your event a lot easier which is always beneficial.