Top 3 Business Speakers You Should Know in 2024


Success in business does not come overnight. It was like that in the past, and things are still the same even in 2024. Behind successful people stand years of work, study, commitment, and hard work – but also defeats from which some lessons should be learned.

Those who went through all that and became names in the world of business – today are willing to share their experiences with others. We will introduce you to some of the top business speakers you should know.

If Money Is Your Only Goal – You Won’t Succeed


Business is always hard, and if you don’t understand it – then it’s even harder. If you are only chasing short-term money interests – you will probably not succeed. That is probably the essential message of most successful business people. Today, many of them share their knowledge – and there is one thing they have in common. Namely, the most successful ones mostly managed to create something valuable.

Some people think that a product is not that important and that with good marketing, PR, and sales skills, it is possible to sell anything to anyone. That is true, but only in the short term. If what you do has no real value – sooner or later, you will lose the trust of customers, and your business success will be doomed. So whatever you do – do it in the best interest of those who need it. That is also the light motive of most business speakers you should know about. Here are some of them.

1. Michael Steep

We are witnessing an astonishingly rapid development of technology – but you mustn’t think that there were no disruptive factors in such a process. However, if you can turn these disruptive factors to your advantage – then you have achieved something. This is exactly what Michael Steep, today a famous strategic leader and motivational speaker, is doing. Steep has gained extensive experience working for companies such as Google, Airbus, and BMW. Also, today he works as an executive director, within the Stanford Engineering Center in the Department of Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities. Very news and a sought-after speaker who encourages listeners to innovative and creative ideas related to modern technology.

2. Bruce Whitfield


If you still don’t have a clear idea of how much politics and economics have in common and why they depend on each other – then Bruce Whitfield will explain it perfectly. This great, internationally known business speaker connects politics and economics in a specific and very creative way – which has a great impact on his listeners because he achieves an excellent level of interaction with them in completely informal communication. That is not so strange, considering that Whitfield was engaged in radio, TV, and print journalism. After establishing himself in topics related to economics, he became one of the most eminent financial journalists who won numerous awards for his work – and he also became one of the most sought-after business speakers in the world.

3. Helena Boschi

In achieving any success, even in business – we are often the biggest obstacle to ourselves.

If you’ve ever wondered why you do what you do – the answer may be found in the book of the same name by Dr. Helena Boschi. This lady, who is a neuroscientist, focused her work on studying how we can improve our cognitive abilities and in that way, get the best out of our own and other people’s potentials. For decades, Dr. Boschi has been working with many companies in the fields of leadership, communication, and team building. Shee is a very frequent speaker at business lectures.

The Bottom Line

These are just some of the speakers you need to know about. Of course, there are many more – so depending on the areas of your interest, you can learn more about their work and the success they have achieved.