How Long Before a Move Should You Start Packing – 2024 Guide


Traveling is a wonderful thing, as those experiences, memories we make, and people we meet are all the things that simply enrichen us. On the other hand, when we need to go to some entirely new country or a city and start a new life well, let’s just say that it can be stressful as there are plenty of things to consider and think about in advance.

We don’t talk just about finding the right apartment or house that will be your future home, as the move itself can be so demanding and troublesome. Namely, one of the things people often highlight as one of the most difficult decisions they have had to make is moving to some new city, especially if that new place is far away, and mostly because planning a move, packing everything one might need or want to bring and everything that goes with it is not just laborious, it’s also time-consuming.

The main issue here is about when is the right time to start packing, and even though this is more of a personal judgment, there are some rules and tips that you can follow that will make that decision much easier, so let’s check them out.

Find a reliable moving company


It all starts by picking the right moving company, as every decision you have made and every decision you will have to make regarding the move is highly dependent on whether your belonging will be safely transferred to your residence and if you constantly have to worry about that, then everything else about the move will come even more challenging.

That is why doing some research before making any decision is not just preferable but a must, but that’s just the beginning. In order to avoid spending hours browsing the net in search of the best movers, if there is someone whose opinion you highly value that hired some company before, ask them about their experience and whether they have any suggestions regarding which company to go with. Of course, if you are still hesitant or uncertain about which company to pick, the best possible choice is to go with a renowned one, with vast experience and thousands of satisfied customers, like the one you can find here.

Create a schedule


Planning ahead is always preferable, regardless of whether we talk about some project for work or, in this case, the move. Namely, if you plan to move in six months or a year, there is plenty of time to do all the packing and deal with all the paperwork, yet many still leave all those things ’til the very last moment. Needless to say, how much confusion and stress doing so can cause, which is why creating a plan or a schedule can be of great help.

Arrange everything and start by dealing with the paperwork as, for most people, it is the most difficult part, and then start by packing items and things you don’t use that often and are there more as a decoration.

Creating a schedule will make things much easier as you will know when to start and what to do first, so let’s start with some tips week by week:

About eight weeks before

Although it might look like it is still more than enough time to pack everything, two months before the move is the perfect time to start with some things that you are sure you won’t use in the next period. The best idea is to check the attic and the basement, see if there are some unnecessary things that should be thrown away or gifted to someone, and sort and pack everything else in labeled boxes. It is also a perfect period to start thinking about larger items and take inventory of each room.

About four weeks before

Until now, the attic and the basement should be empty, and all unnecessary things thrown away or gifted to someone, and it is time to check the other rooms and sort things that you will take with you. If there are still many unnecessary items, one of the best ideas is to make a garage sale, try to sell them online, or give them to someone who will be happy to have them. It is time to think about packing boxes and start packing all items that don’t have a practical purpose, such as decorations, framed photos, and similar things.

About two weeks before


Two weeks before the move you should pack everything but things that are necessary for a normal life. For example, it is enough to leave only one pot, a few plates and glasses, a hygiene kit, and some clothes, while everything else should be packed and labeled. It is also time to organize the necessary documents and make sure that all of them are prepared because losing some of them can cause you a lot of problems.

About a week before

The moving day is getting closer very fast, and now is the right time to pack everything that is not essential for the next few days. One of the best tips is to prepare the box with essential things you will need right after moving to a new home, such as toilet paper, soap, cleaning supplies, and everything else you think you might need.

One day before

The day before the move is reserved for packing the last few items, cleaning the home, and checking if everything is properly packed. Do not forget to check the fridge and freezer, pack all the good food, and throw away all the perishable ones, so you are ready to just get off the bed and go in the morning.

To summarize

It is impossible to say when it is the best time to start packing as it is individual, and every person needs to do it at their own pace, but those are some tips that should make it easier and less stressful. It is always better to start earlier than later because, in that way, we will have enough time to check twice and avoid forgetting something important.