Exterior Design Style Tips for New Homeowners

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We know that exterior design can be extremely daunting, especially when it comes to new homeowners. There are so many aspects of constructing a house that require time and patience. Oftentimes, it can be pretty frustrating if you do not know the stuff you need to include in your exterior design and construction checklist. To help you with this never-ending list of tasks, we have come up with design tips for new homeowners to consider (and add to your already long list!)

Gutters- installation and how to do it

One of the most important things to include in your exterior design list is to add gutter installation. They are essential, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your house and roofs. If not installed properly, you run the risk of having your house collapse. There are multiple things to keep in mind when you get your gutters installed. The first and foremost should be that you are getting them installed by professionals.

You want to ensure that your gutters don’t collapse or break. Another thing to keep in mind is that your gutter pipes should be installed further away from your house. This is done to ensure that the gutter water is not being drained near the foundation. If this happens, the soil around your house will start absorbing the gutter water. This will ultimately lead it to seep into the foundation, causing it to start shifting. The immediate effect would be cracks in walls and roofs. If this goes unnoticed, you run the risk of your house collapsing. It’s better to have our gutters installed by professionals who can do a site survey and give you proper information about everything before the installation process. To get a free site survey and quote, click here.

Source: pexels.com

Design Aesthetic

One of the most important decisions you will make when you start designing your house exteriors is the design aesthetic as this will impact the way your rooms are built and the way you can design them. There are multiple design aesthetics you can choose from for your exterior design. Some of the most popular and classic ones have been listed below:


This home exterior design style corresponds to whatever designs and trends are famous at the moment. Therefore, contemporary designs are ever-changing. They are very close to how modern home exteriors are made, but not quiet. Modern exteriors are designed in a particular way and don’t change. This is because the design has been inspired by the art deco movement in the 20th century. Contemporary, at the moment, in the exterior design world is all about sharp and clean lines- think square roofs, geometric balance and same sized doors and windows. The colours Green and Grey are also gaining a lot of popularity in this design style.

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The Victorian exterior design style has many different eras in it but some features are shared by all of them. This particular kind of style is specific to the homes that were built from the early 1800s to the early 2900s during the reign of Queen Victoria. This era is associated with the rising middle class and the increase in wealth. This means that it features grandeur but also comfort- the houses are bigger and more elaborate. These home styles are pretty famous in the UK and the USA. The easiest way to recognise these kinds of architectures is by the exteriors that are usually made of stone or exposed stone.


This kind of home exterior design style is very distinguishable (and recognisable). If you are someone who likes fairy tales and have always wanted to live in a fairy-tale house, Tudor is perfect for you! These houses come in every size. The bigger sized ones often give more of a British country manor feel and are perfect for those who love the big and quaint countryside aesthetic. They usually have a steep and pitched roof, overlapping and front-facing gables, brick exteriors and accents. These kinds of exterior designs often grab their inspiration from mediaeval times- especially when it comes to the windows and the doors.

The windows are often either rectangular or diamond-shaped. On the other hand, the doors often have an arched or rounded top.

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With how famous the cottage core aesthetic has become in recent times; it is no surprise if you would like your home exteriors to be that of a cottage (especially if you have a big garden to go with it!). These house styles originally came from European small towns. They are defined by their small size, balconies, and abundance of natural light through big windows. They usually have small porches and wooden or stone exposed exteriors.