Understanding Baccarat House Edge and Tips on How to Reduce It

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If you’ve recently started enjoying online casino games, more specifically, Baccarat, then you already know that it’s one of those games where two people are involved – the banker and the person enjoying the game. There are basically two outcomes of every round, the winning outcome which is referred to as baccarat, and the losing outcome referred to as punto banco.

As a beginner, it might be daunting for you to play the game, however, you should know that there are some tips that could help you make the game less complex. To help you win more rounds than you lose, it’s important that you understand the house edge of the game, as well as how to reduce it, so, without further ado, let’s take a look at what you should know:

What Are The Basic Payout?

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Before you even think about reading all the tips and strategies we’ll mention below, you should know that there are three basic payouts, all of which will have a different house edge. For you to understand what you might want to bet on during different rounds and games, it’s important that you learn more about the payouts available, mostly because it’ll help you increase your chances of winning. The basic payouts are the following:

1. Bets By Players – these best often have a house edge of 1.24 percent. You’ll win one round if your hand is closer to nine than the banker. Winning this bet will pay doubles or evens, which basically means that, if you choose to wager 30 dollars on this particular bet, you could end up winning $60.

2. Bets by Bankers – another option that you have is betting on the banker’s hand which has a house edge of 1.06 percent. If you don’t win, you’ll be paid evens, minus five percent house commission. Thus, if you choose to wager $30 on the banker’s hand and it wins, you’ll receive $29 and the remaining one dollar will go to the house.

3. Bets on Ties – as the name implies, betting on a tie – which has a house edge of 14.4 percent – means that you think that both you and the banker will have an equal count. It’ll pay 8:1, hence, if you choose to wager $30 dollars, you’ll receive 240 dollars in winnings and you’ll also be able to get back the money you invested. This is a quite risky bet, which is why you must be extra careful.

So, What Can I Do to Reduce The House Edge?

Since you’ve now learned what bets you could choose to make while playing this increasingly popular online casino game, it’s time for you to learn what you can do to reduce the house edge, but more importantly, what you can do to increase your chances of winning! Keep in mind, it’ll take some time for you to figure out which strategy works the best for you, nonetheless, here are some that you could opt for trying:

1. Looking For Patterns Isn’t Always Good

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If you just started enjoying Baccarat on sites such as sabaccarat66.com, you might feel tempted to look for patterns. Most tables will keep track of the results, suggesting that they’ll record which best ended up being the winning ones. Despite winning or losing the rounds, the odds of winning can be compared by guessing the correct outcome of a coin flip. Each result is different from the previous one, and though you might try to predict the next outcome, it isn’t going to help you win.

2. Think About The Bets You Make Carefully

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As we mentioned, there are three bets that you can make, which is why you might always be wondering which one you should wager money on before starting one round. Wagering on the banker will always be taxed 5 percent by the house, which is why this might not be appealing to you. But, you should know that various statistic reports claim that betting on the banker is safer since you’ll always receive some portion of the money back.

3. Betting on Ties is Dangerous

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If you ask anyone out there about betting on ties, they’ll most likely tell you that it’s the worst decision that you can make. Yes, the payout percentage might look really good, however, you must be extra lucky to guess that the round will end up in a tie. Now, if you do manage to win a round while betting on a tie, you’ll earn a lot of money, however, it’s impossible to accurately predict the outcome, thus, it might be better if you stick to making the other bets available.

4. Different Platforms, Different Commissions

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Although you might have been playing Baccarat on one single platform, you should know that different casinos have different commission rates, which means that the house might not always collect the 5 percent commission when betting on the banker. Some options might even go up to 25 percent on the commissions, thus, it’s important for you to choose an online casino that’ll offer you the best rates.

Another thing that you must be extra careful about is making wagers on tie bets. Yes, most platforms will offer you eight to one odds, however, some might pay as low as six to one, meaning that you won’t receive as much money as you initially thought. Because of this, you should always make sure about the odds you’re receiving on the platform you opted for, mostly because there could be better opportunities for you out there.


Baccarat is a fun, popular, and profitable online casino game, but in order for you to win more rounds than you lose, it’s important that you implement the right strategies that could give you an advantage over the house edge. And, by keeping our tips and strategies in mind, you’ll be able to do just that.

Since you now understand the house edge of Baccarat, you might not want to spend any more of your free time reading guides like this one. Instead, you should choose a few strategies from above, open your favorite online casino, and from there, test out the strategies we’ve mentioned to see which one works best!