Why Summer Camps Are Important for Child Development Than Ever Before

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Many would say that the world has gone through a major transformation during the last two years. But the truth is it has been rapidly changing for the last two decades, with the development of technology.

Children today, live in a whole different environment than we did, without needing to socialize in real-time. Behavioral scientists have shown how this has a huge effect on their development, which is why parents should find ways to make sure their children develop properly in these challenging times. And what better way than sending them to summer camps. Below, we’ll give you all the reasons why summer camps are important for your child’s development, now, more than ever.

1. Friendship and social skills develop along with emotional intelligence

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Without parents nearby, children are in a position to take on “social risks”, which take them out of their comfort zones. The cultural environment has taught parents to constantly mediate and be overprotective. However, summer camps put children in a situation to deal with very different types of social interactions, especially because there are children from different environments on one campus, without their parents, and they almost without exception make friendships that they will maintain over the years.

One of the most important findings in this research is that in the camp, children significantly develop their emotional intelligence (EQ), which includes recognizing, understanding, and controlling emotions. Children learn to work and play together, empathize, and form strong bonds with each other. And that is the starting point for many other things: to develop the ability to explore independence, to improve self-confidence, to learn how to work in a team, and so on.

2. Moving away from technology

Perhaps the most important reason why you should send your child to summer camp is to give him some tie away from technology. The statistics on the hours children spend in front of tablets, mobile phones, and TVs are worrying. However, when children rediscover their creative abilities, when they are involved in real-life interaction with real people and real-life experiences, all electronic gadgets can be turned off. All this, of course, is valid provided that the summer camp does not have a computer and does not include programming or coding classes.

3. Teamwork and leadership

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Knowing how to share responsibilities with others in the team, discovering their skills and creativity for the good work of the team, forming their own voice but not covering other voices in the group, fulfilling their obligations – that is what teamwork means.

And all these things children learn during summer camps because they give themselves the freedom to try and make mistakes in a relaxed atmosphere that encourages them to get involved in teamwork without feeling ashamed. Some of the children discover and gradually learn leadership skills by learning to take the initiative, understanding the dynamics of the group, making decisions within the group, etc.

4. Developing self-confidence

When taking risks and facing challenges, children can develop their own independence, flexibility, and self-confidence in a safe environment under constant supervision. While good grades are welcomed in schools, summer camps highlight and appreciate every positive contribution a child makes during courses or activities. Every child can feel valued for their contribution. Of course, once a child experiences a sense of success, he will completely forget what shyness means.

5. Tons of different activities to entertain them

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Most camps offer games and activities that children generally cannot perform in their backyard or neighborhood. They can try their hand at shooting, sailing, photography, dancing and many other interesting activities!

If your child stays at home, it will soon become boring, while it will always experience something new in the camp. There are camps specialized in science, for example. If your child enjoys such activities visit https://www.newtonshowcamp.com/summer-camp .

6.The best challenge

Not all the things kids do in camp are simple but that’s the way it has to be! New challenges – such as trying out new sports, learning new skills and games, or achieving new goals – are all very useful and your children will be grateful. If swimming was something they were ever good at, such challenges will push them forward in perfecting the technique.

7. Getting to know nature

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We’ve already mentioned how important it is to take a break from technology. Most summer camps are all about nature. Children learn how beautiful and important it really is.

Without trees, land, water, and animals, people would not be able to survive, it’s important today’s children learn about this.

8. Changing the environment

Sometimes it is important for children to become independent, leave a well-known environment and find a “new corner” for themselves. The camp provides a great opportunity for new experiences, spending time with new friends, and staying in a completely new environment.

9. The right school for new skills

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All activities and clubs in the camp are a great opportunity for children to learn something new – pottery, sailing, or ultimate frisbee. The children in the camp develop various skills necessary for life, such as independence, self-belief, and self-confidence. Since children will live in a community every day, it is a great way to learn to cooperate, make compromises and be tolerant, as was mentioned before. Attending workshops for developing certain skills may also help them find their hobby.

With all the fun games and activities, a camp is a great place where children can breathe fresh air. Swimming, trekking, and playing sports are much healthier for children than spending the summer at home. Especially today, where they seek any opportunity to spend time online.

Serious, committed parents are very well aware of how important all the points we’ve mentioned are, for their children’s development. We’ve been limited in movement and traveling for what seems like too long, and it definitely left its mark on how we and our children behave. Now, it is more important than ever to push our children to socialize, play, explore hobbies, make friends in the real world.