Who Are the Favorites to Win the 2024 F1 World Constructors’ Championship

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If we take into account all the competitions where motor vehicles are involved in the competition, we can conclude that the Formula 1 championship is one of the most popular in the world. This championship is held every year, on the racetracks around the world, where the representatives of the teams together with their competitors compete in which car has the best performance and which is consistent to win first place. As in all other competitions, here the spectators are divided and with each subsequent race, they follow and encourage their favorite. As we can see when we watch the races from our homes, the spectator seats are always full, and the fans of this sport are always struggling to secure a seat close to the track so that they can watch the race live. Tickets and seats sell out so quickly that people book their tickets to the grand final ahead of time before the start of the season.

Today we will point our attention to the favorites of this competition. Which teams have the best chance of winning this season, and of course which of their representatives are the favorites to become the new champion for 2024 and proudly carry the trophy to the final.

So stay with us until the very end to find out this important information.

Which teams are the favorites for 2024?

Many of the rules have changed for this season, and this information has taken a toll on fans of the sport, as well as the teams and competitors themselves. Will these rules mean difficulties for the teams and they will have to invest much more than before to be number one, or will the rules provide mitigating circumstances and allow them to carry the trophy with ease? We will be able to see the answer to all these questions if we continue to watch the racing cars on the field. But for you, we have singled-out teams that have perhaps the best chance of winning this season. And these are the following teams.

1. Ferrari

The team behind this name, behind this brand, is responsible for the victories that have happened in the past and for all the successes of the competitors who fought for this team.

If we take into account all the previous races in the past, we can conclude that Ferrari has taken the highest number of victories in its team, a total of 16 first places. For a long time, the people behind it could boast of quality racing cars and people behind the wheel who knew how to really operate that machine. This is due to all the victories that we have been able to witness in the past seasons. Just think of the success that Michael Schumacher achieved in this team and brought him to the top of his career. He was literally unstoppable and there was no equal to him.

2. Red Bull

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In the last few years, we have been able to witness outstanding results from the team behind this name. So just look at last year’s results. The Red Bull team as well as its representative were brilliant on the field. Nobody expected the season to end with Red Bull taking home the trophy. They really managed to surprise both the spectators and those who work behind this name with the overall success they managed to achieve for the whole season. This year they are one of the top favorites who have a huge chance to win this title again and be the ultimate winners.

3. Mercedes

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If anyone could match Ferrari as a racing team, it was the Mercedes that was breathing down their necks and had a good chance of jeopardizing their victory. We have information that all the problems they had with the race cars are now definitely solved and this year they are trying to give their best. This group will do its best in the new season, to do its best and overshadow the other two leading teams. But whether their performance has improved and whether they will succeed in this intention, we can only follow the results of the championship. All the results from the stages, as well as the opportunity to bet on your favorite, you’ll find more info here. Follow the events of the upcoming races and bet on the team that you think will be the absolute winner this season.

Which drivers can we find at the top at the end of this season?

1. Max Verstappen

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This young Dane is a refreshment on the Formula 1 tracks. No one expected that this remarkable young guy would be able to win the trophy last year and make incredible results for the Red Bull team. But he managed to surprise us all and give us incredible results on the field. That is why this year it is on the list as one of the favorites to win first place. We can see him competing for the same team from last year again, and we believe that he will exceed our expectations.

2. Charles Leclerc

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This driver has incredible talent and has a huge chance to be in one of the best teams in the Formula 1 championship. He is a representative of the Ferrari group and has shown us unprecedented results. He successfully follows the first favorite, and with his skills on the track, he lets us know that this season will have a number of surprises. Whether he will be able to overcome Max remains to be seen.

3. Lewis Hamilton

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Although in the previous decade Hamilton managed to make a real turnaround in this championship, still these last few seasons have slightly worse results than before. But that does not stop us from listing him as one of the better drivers in this race, because he is still one of the favorites. He has really good technique behind the wheel, which he will probably be able to show us this season as well. The chances of becoming the winner of this season are really huge.

We will find out very soon who will manage to lift the cup and pour champagne at this year’s final. All we have to do is follow the races that take place and place a bet on the winner.