Sustainable & Eco-friendly Packaging Tips to Try for Your Business 


A vast majority of individuals have some clue about how industrial advancements backed up with technological revolution affect the world we live in. On the other hand, a significantly smaller number care about what ventures they become part of in order not to disturb the already shaky state of our planet. Thus, the next time it comes to your mind that we are doomed due to solely chasing for profit while we put the state of planet Earth aside, remember you can always read the lower lines of this article and consult them for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging tips to try for your business. And, yes, you can both make a profit and the world a better place if you follow the right steps.

Be the Change


We dare to consider you a conscious person, otherwise, you would probably be browsing the network for less environmentally-friendly packaging solutions. Still, even though many might share your views on how environmental health is crucial, a significantly smaller number of business owners decide to do something about it.

Thus, we advise you to stay confident and believe in the change you want to initiate. On the other hand, even though believing in a change turns out to be a good start, the concept would fail to evolve into something grandeur if you do not do your best to support it. Therefore, we suggest you start with replacing the old packaging materials with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

Use Renewable Resources for Your Packaging

The renewable part of the syntagm is self-explanatory, so if the resources necessary for the production of the packaging in question are limited, you should stay away from them as often as possible. By following this approach, you would not only support the usage of greener technologies but also reduce the consumption of non-ecological materials indirectly.

On one hand, you would keep the old customers, but on the other, you might attract more environmentally-friendly enthusiasts that might have intentionally ignored what you sell due to obvious reasons.

Natural Plastic


Research has shown that a single plastic bag takes up to a millennium to decompose. Unfortunately, a soaring sight for the eyes is not everything that goes wrong with plastics, moreover, the way the material breaks down into smaller particles affects the surroundings and pollutes the environment additionally by accumulating neighboring toxins.

Fortunately, there are many more alternative ways to craft original packaging without using harmful materials. In a nutshell, the process of environmentally-friendly package production is similar to the standard one, but it does not imply using oil as the main ingredient.

Instead of using the main culprit for the noxiousness of plastic bags such as oil, contemporary production methods imply a natural alternative. Namely, specific plant species prove to be an ideal replacement for the harmful, while it delivers the same, or even better product, considering how beneficial, or shall we say –not harmful, it is to the environment.

Naturally, it might be challenging for a small business to get in touch with a supplier capable of delivering such a service, but we urge you not to worry! Moreover, we advise you to learn more about Ecotime time which brand and assess if they might assist you on your environmentally-friendly venture.


Using recycled materials for your packaging solutions will not only save you money but will also allow you to play your role in saving the planet. Namely, using already used materials allows you to pack your product in bagging less harmful for the environment, while the production would cost less than if you would opt for alternative solutions.

We should also mention that the original purpose of packaging implies it is used one time only, which you easily change to your advantage, only if you plan your business actions in detail. For example, designing a unique package made from recycled plastic should extend its use, and serve both as a multi-use accessory and a valid form of promoting a product effortlessly.

Paper Bags


Paper bags are cheap and paper bags are effective. Did we mention they are easy to decompose but also recyclable? We must have forgotten about it. Additionally, the paper proves to be ideal for printing distinguishing forms and symbols that could potentiate the recognition of your brand wherever its packaging ends upon the purchase.

On the other hand, paper can easily be torn apart by inappropriate handling or its stability compromised by inadequate storage. In a nutshell, humidity is one of the worst enemies of paper products, so you should pay additional attention to how you handle it. in the end, it is a small price to pay when you consider the benefits both you and your clients would enjoy by staying away from alternative, less environmentally friendly packaging.

Think Outside the Box(es)


You should be aware that you are the master of your brand’s fate, as long as you do not mess with your country’s law. Thus, we advise you to think outside the box in order to potentiate otherwise unavailable features of the boxing your company uses.

Let us use the delivery as the opportunity to make a change. Namely, regular boxing is rarely made only to fit a specific product, so there is often more room than the item needs. While this type of boxing would fulfill its purpose for a standard product, it might not fit the needs of the same product prepared for delivery. In a nutshell, we advise you to secure different packaging sizes, in order to use them more effectively. Smaller boxing solutions cost cheaper than large ones, but cannot handle the same amount of merchandise.

To make a long story short, your part of the job would be to determine which sizes would you make the most of and which raw materials should be used in their production. Focus on compostable or recycled materials or even paper, and you will both save up some cash and protect the planet from something it needs more than plenty of time to recover from.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you change how you pick your packaging materials from now on. Even a miniature effort can make a major impact in the long run, as long as you stick to your part of the deal. Thus, start as soon as now and join the global community of caring ones.