Reasons Why Javascript Developers Are Always in High Demand


Javascript is a scripting language, whose functions are performed by HTML and rendered in the browsers. It runs on any platform that has a browser and an internet connection. The most important feature of Javascript is that it is dynamic. It can modify its own code while it’s running (the flexibility to add or remove code while the program is executing). These are the reasons why java devs are always in high demand and why is it smart to it also a smart thing to hire javascript freelance:

Good Knowledge of AJAX/HTML5


Good knowledge about AJAX and HTML5 will help you to make interactive web pages like Google maps, games etc…So if you know how to use them and you know what they do then your value will be increased. Also if you have good skills in CSS3, SVG, HTML5 Audio/Video then definitely you are in high demand.

Good Knowledge of NodeJS

NodeJS is Google’s open-source server environment built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. It provides an easy way to build web servers without relying on platform-dependent modules like Apache HTTP Server, PHP, or ASP.NET. You can use Javascript on both the client and server-side with NodeJS. If you know how to run javascript in the browser and then how it works in the backend then your value will be increased because most of the companies are using this technology nowadays.

Good Knowledge of Web Frameworks


Frameworks provide structure to the development process by dividing code into components based on functionality. They help developers to build web applications faster and more efficiently. So if you know which framework is best for your client then definitely your company will increase your salary because companies need programmers who can do their work more quickly and easily.

Good command on Mobile Framework

Most of the companies nowadays want a developer, who knows how to make a mobile application using Javascript, HTML5 or CSS3. So if you have knowledge of Jquery Mobile, Sencha touch, or jQuery UI, then again your salary will be high. Big companies today want good mobile applications for their businesses so they need experts who can develop fast and high-quality apps.

Good Knowledge of Web Socket Protocol


Socket connection lets us exchange data between server and client in real-time and allows us to create real-time apps. Websocket is like a persistent connection that works as a pipe and data flow through this pipe from the server to the client.

Good Knowledge of BackboneJS

BackboneJS is a lightweight javascript library that gives structure to web applications by providing models, collections & views with key-value binding and custom events. It provides RESTful persistence, can be integrated into any existing application seamlessly and does not presume anything about the other frontend libraries or frameworks you may be using. If you have skills on backbone js then definitely your company will increase your salary because nowadays every website wants good quality applications so if you have expertise on backbone js then definitely your company will give more preference to you.