5 Most Common Digital Marketing Problems And Their Best Solutions

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In the age of technology and the Internet, we are exposed to business challenges almost every day. The fact is that today in digital marketing we must not rely only on traditional marketing methods – but we must sometimes face the problems that digital marketing imposes on us and also find adequate solutions to them. So, let’s make it easier for ourselves by looking at the 5 most common digital marketing problems – and the best ways to solve them.

Digital Marketing Is The Dominant Power In Business Today

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Today, digital marketing has undoubtedly become the dominant power in business – and an increasing number of people are professionally engaged in it. Of course, since this is a branch in expansion, we will mostly come across information and texts that affirm digital marketing – emphasizing mostly only positive things and aspects. However, we must be realistic enough to say that, as in any other business – you can expect to face problems and challenges in digital marketing as well, and that’s sometimes not easy to overcome. It’s like in life – you face problems, but that doesn’t mean life isn’t wonderful. Also in digital marketing, there are problems and you will face them – but that is why we care about improving our knowledge on this topic. Therefore, we will try to explain to you how to recognize certain problems in time – and avoid the situation of being disappointed.

Typical Digital Marketing Problems You Will Encounter

Of course, as in any business, problems and challenges are inevitable. However, the most important thing is to look at them in time – and find a timely solution for them. Here are the problems we most often encounter in digital marketing and how to solve them.

1. Unrealistic goals

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Of course, in digital marketing, everything revolves around promotion. Of course, when we talk about the promotional aspect of digital marketing, we primarily mean all those things related to the promotion of this business – and the different types of services that are offered within it. Namely, some marketers, in their desire to get new jobs as quickly and easily as possible – often overemphasize their knowledge and skills and make promises that they simply cannot fulfill. Then you, as a client, consequently achieve completely unrealistic goals. You’ve probably already had a chance to hear things such as “We’ll get you first place on Google,” and the like. These claims usually have no cover and are difficult to achieve in practice – so it is very easy to form your completely unrealistic goals and then get disappointed

2. Poor social media management

Marketing on social networks is the part without which we cannot even imagine digital marketing today. Social media marketing helps you take advantage of the latest social media trends and best practices – all to develop strategies that turn customers into loyal consumers. But sometimes you can’t do it by yourself. Therefore, a good solution to this problem is to use SMM panels. And what are SMM panels? SMM panels are an integral part of any strategy for promoting social media accounts. If you want to strengthen your social media presence – then make people start talking about you. The SMM panel, as well as the Reseller SMM panel, are something like an online store that you can visit to buy SMM tools and services such as likes, subscribers, comments, visitors, etc. This is a good way to interact well with your followers – and get good connections and conversions.

3. Poor conversion

This is closely related to social media management, but there are some differences. Namely, you can realize the conversion on social networks. However, it doesn’t depend on the number of “likes” you have – but on how you successfully turn those likes and followers into customers. Social networks help you gather more potential customers, so even though you can sell directly from social networks – they usually only serve to bring the customer to the landing page. To achieve the proper conversion, the landing page needs to be such that it supports responsive design. This means attractive appearance and content, visibility and ease of use, loading on mobile devices – as well as other elements that will affect better traffic, help you achieve more visits, and ultimately, gain more customers.

4. You have bad traffic on the website

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Many owners of various business and corporate websites complain about the fact that they have attractive websites – but have a small number of visitors or negligible traffic. Of course, it’s in everyone’s interest to get as much traffic to your website as possible, as it results in increased sales or more clicks on Google AdWords ads – which ultimately bring in more revenue. If your website doesn’t have enough traffic, then what to do and how to increase traffic? SEO experts will always agree on a few things, such as keywords, interesting content, videos, visitors’ comments, blog, etc. All these elements will affect the increased attendance, and indirectly your earnings. Of course, we shouldn’t forget that the website should be periodically “refreshed” with new content, posts, or any other changes. Such things signal to Google that your website is “alive”, that it is not static – so it will bring you more visitors.

5. Insufficiently following the trends in digital marketing

Digital marketing is constantly changing. Almost every day, something new becomes relevant, important, and necessary for survival in the global online race. When it comes to digital marketing, it’s always important to keep up with trends. This is the only way to predict certain phenomena – and use them to your advantage. One of the trends that will not change soon is predicting the behavior of customers – that is, building trust and open communication. With the use of modern tools such as chatbots, video clips, live streaming, etc. – you will be able to make your job easier and better monitor the needs of your target audience. Indirectly, this certainly means an increase in profits for you.


These are just some of the challenges you will face in digital marketing. However, this should not discourage you. On the contrary! You can be sure that you are not the only one facing the same challenges. Moreover, sometimes it is difficult for even more experienced marketers to catch up and see everything that digital marketing has to offer. To solve this problem, it is necessary to constantly work on learning and improvement in this constantly evolving area – and follow all new and upcoming trends while creating the best and most detailed digital marketing strategy.