How Often Should You Get a Deep Tissue Massage – 2024 Guide


People are now leading a very stressful everyday life. However, all that stress, tension, and pressure that are facing regularly, is accumulating and creates tension in our muscles and body. Getting a deep tissue massage can be a great way to treat yourself and provide yourself with a relaxing experience of releasing tension from your muscles. There are so many different types of massages, however, since all negative energy and tension is accumulated in our muscles, it is beneficial to take advantage of the therapeutically effects of deep tissue massage.

However, since everyone has a different reason to book this type of massage, they are wondering how often should they go and treat themselves with relaxation of this kind. In general, before we start with this article, you should know that there are no strict standard guidelines for the number of massages that you must get. However, we prepared some recommendations from experienced therapists about the frequency that will work ideally for your individual needs.

What does deep tissue massage therapy include?

Let’s first explain what deep tissue massage therapy refers to. As many people consider, this is not just one of the Swedish massages that come with very hard pressures. In fact, deep tissue massages are using firm pressures and slow strokes in order to massage those deep muscle layers as well as the connective tissue that is covering your muscles.

Therefore, these types of therapeutic massages are used to break up scar tissue and muscle knots. Unfortunately, these knots can affect the circulation in our body and cause inflammation which leads to pain.


What you can expect from the deep tissue massage?

Logically, if you have never been to this type of therapeutic massage, you are probably wondering what you can expect from it. In the beginning, when the deep tissue massage starts, you are going to feel a lighter relaxation pressure that will warm up your muscles.

As time pass, the pressure will be deeper. The major technique that is used in this massage therapy involves striping that presents deep pressure that flows along the length of your muscle fibers and friction. This applies pressure across all of your muscles and breaks up the tension, and adhesion. At the same time, your tissue fibers are going to align slowly and effectively.


How often should you get a deep tissue massage?

There are different reasons why people need tissue massage therapy. In case you are someone that regularly works out, you need to know that your muscles are getting tighter which will affect you negatively. More precisely, your workouts will start to be painful, so you need to provide your muscles with this type of massage. On the other hand, if you are living a very stressful everyday life that comes with lots of tension, it will reflect on your muscles. This tension can even lead to some injury and pain.

Your message should be approximately 90 minutes long for getting the best results. Deep tissue massage can help you relieve muscle tension and make you feel a lot more relaxed and comfortable in your body. Additionally, it will help you reduce stress and anxiety levels and finally, improve your overall wellbeing and mood.

The therapists that are conducting deep tissue massage need to be specially trained and knowledgeable to apply the ideal sustained pressure on your body and in that way release that muscle pressure and tension that bothers you. In the whole process, they need to focus properly on all deep layers of your muscle tissue as well as on the fascia. That is why you need to find reliable, experienced, and licensed therapists that will provide you with the most ideal and successful outcome. If you are interested, you can check the and find more about this type of massage as well as other types.

In the following text, you will find out how often you should book and go on a therapeutically deep tissue massage depending on what kind of problem you are facing and what are your expected results.


Twice a week if you are recovering from injury recovery

In case you have experienced some type of injury and you want to recover effectively from it, twice a week will be the ideal frequency of your booked massages. Energetic exercise can often result in muscle injury. For instance, if you make some mistake such as not warming up, or you do not stretch and cool down before and after your workout, you can experience the injury.

This also counts for performing some exercise incorrectly or putting your body in some incorrect position for a longer time. If you do not take care of yourself right away by booking therapeutic deep tissue massages, you are risking getting muscle tears and inflammation around your muscle injury. You will see when symptoms are improving so you can stop with the massages sessions.


Every one to two weeks if you need stress and anxiety relief

We are all faced with so many stressful situations during the day whether it is at work, home, or somewhere else. It is very hard to deal with accumulated stress and the thing that you need at that point the most is exactly the deep tissue massage. This type of massage will relax all the tension you are feeling. Additionally, you are not going only to feel better, but you will also sleep better. Your overall mood will be improved. Do not try to overcome anxiety and stress by yourself. If you are facing a hard time, it is better to react immediately and provide yourself relaxation every one to two weeks. You will see and feel positive effects very soon!


Once a month if you want to improve your general wellness

In case you are the type of person that takes good care of overall mental and physical health, we suggest you book this type of massage at least once a month. You will treat yourself with such a relaxation that will affect your health and general wellbeing. It is always better to invest in your health with regular therapeutic massages and prevent the occurrence of muscle tension and pressure that is harder to deal with. Your state of mind will be so improved since massage helps lower the level of stress hormones while it boosts those good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine that will make you feel good.