Popular Types of Massage Therapy

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Professional massage therapy delivered by a licensed massage therapist has numerous health and wellness benefits. For those that are getting massage therapy on a regular basis, clients experience improved sleep and mood, increased blood circulation, decreased stress levels, and reduced muscle tension. The effects of massage therapy are pretty amazing, especially when you consider that the treatment is 100% holistic.

In fact, many individuals who are experiencing acute or chronic pain due to an injury find massage far more effective and beneficial to their health compared to prescription and OTC medications. However, massage therapy isn’t just for those trying to overcome pain or stress. For folks who believe in a more proactive approach, it’s also a great way of preventing those issues from occurring in the first place.

There are plenty of options when it comes to selecting massage therapy. Here are the top seven most popular types.

1. Swedish Massage

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It is the closest thing to classic or traditional massage. The licensed massage therapist will use light to medium pressure combined with essential oils to deliver a comprehensive massage from head-to-toe. They will use kneading and deep circular motions to manipulate your muscle and tissue fibers. If there is a particular area that is troubling you or that you have tension in, simply tell your LMT to ensure it gets some extra attention. Many people carry tension in their back, neck, or shoulders. By the end, your muscles should feel far more relaxed and your stress levels should be at zero.

2. Couple’s Massage

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This is the same concept as the Swedish massage, but shared with another person. Think of a couple’s massage as a relaxing alternative to going out to see a movie or dinner. It’s the perfect way to spend some quality time together while fighting off the stressors of the workweek.

3. Hot Stone Massage

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It is roughly the same concept as a Swedish massage, but the difference is that hot stones are used in addition to or in lieu of hands. One of the big advantages of using hot stones is that the heated temperature of the stones further helps to alleviate pain and stress. It’s also quite beneficial in promoting blood flow and feelings of relaxation.

4. Reflexology

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Reflexology is perfect for those individuals who don’t necessarily like to be touched but want all the benefits that a licensed massage therapist can give them. By applying precision pressure to certain points on the ears, hands, and feet, you will gain feelings of relaxation and boosted energy levels. For this particular type of massage, you may remain fully clothed.

5. Prenatal Massage

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Carrying a child can be both physically and mentally taxing. Several mothers-to-be often complain about the physical toll that being pregnant takes, especially in the third trimester.

That’s why prenatal massage is the perfect remedy for expecting mothers. It will help reduce the stress, tension, and body aches most commonly associated with pregnancy.

6. Deep Tissue Massage

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Deep tissue massage is well known amongst newcomers and longtime recipients of massage therapy. Regarded as one of the most intense types of massage therapy, deep tissue massage is intended for those who have severely sore muscles or stiff joints.

Professional athletes and those challenged with large amounts of bodily pain are ideal candidates for this type of treatment.

7. Aromatherapy Massage

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Aromatherapy massages are ideal for people who want an emotional benefit in addition to feeling physically replenished. Using essential oils that are absorbed into the skin and also breathable via a diffuser, the massage should be especially helpful to those wanting to boost their mood and shake off feelings of depression. Aromatherapy massage has proven to be a great holistic alternative to prescription medications.

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