Can Child Support Take One’s Personal Injury Settlement?


Nowadays, multiple marriages end in divorce, and it’s not uncommon to seek child support. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and the payment for child support is very crucial to ensure that the child is raised well. They receive this until they turn 18 but the question that many ask is “Can child support take settlement money”?

There are also many instances where people normally fail to pay for child support as they have a lot of other expenses to meet. They spend a good amount of their income in paying back the interests and EMIs that they cannot pay any further.

We generally consider a victim being physically injured when talking about car accidents. Moreover, physical injuries have a straightforward treatment. For example, a broken bone must be fixed using screws and plates in surgery. However, dealing with emotional and mental traumas can get tricky.

In this blog, we will discuss if or not the child support is going to get taken from any personal injury settlement that an individual receives.

What is done if you owe child support?


Normally, the courts take the matter of child support delinquency rather very seriously. Multiple courts have the authority to pursue the parent who has a payment lag of $5000 or more in the past in account of child support. Multiple appellate court decisions have already found that the net amount from a non-custodial parent’s injury settlement does count as income for the child’s support. I

t might seem as a partiality that the amount is getting used for another purpose rather than getting used for medical bills or damaged property claims, but it is the reality that nobody can alter. The court also can check the gains through the non-custodial parent’s wealth and finances and they can utilize it to facilitate the support.

Personal injury settlement helps individuals to support a child better


If you are receiving a settlement amount as a result of your injury claim, you must understand that this amount is going to get treated as your income. Hence, this will be used for supporting your child.

If the support is overdue, you must also be prepared that the court might order to use the entire amount for paying back the support amount until the amount in due is satisfied. If you have been unable to support your child for any reason, this is your chance to help them out this time.

Prescribed medications


Another treatment method that would be helpful is medications. Medications are used to alter emotions and thoughts, driving them towards a positive attitude. However, these drugs are used as alternative methods to cure psychiatric conditions and counseling. Drugs used in treating mental conditions have abuse liability and high dependence potential, so it is highly advised to follow the prescribed dosage.

The case of child support is taken very seriously and you must take it that way too. Any due in payments is going to impact their future and nobody wants that to happen.