4 Signs That It Is Time to Schedule a Grease Trap Cleaning

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The grease trap is one of the most important parts of every commercial kitchen, and just like every part of your equipment, it needs to get maintained timely. Not many people know when is the right time to get it cleaned, and they usually wait for some warning signs to appear so that they can get this thing done. In this article, we are going to let you know which are those signs that it is time to schedule a grease trap cleaning. Keep on reading why you have to do this, and what could happen if you postpone this task for too long.

1. You can feel bad odors

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The number one sign that you need to get your trap cleaned is if you can feel bad and unpleasant smells coming out of the unit. Note that the smells will start from the unit, but they will quickly spread in the kitchen and then in the restaurant. This will leave a bad impression on anyone who is working for you or who is using your kitchen. You will lose employees and customers just because you failed to do this one simple task.

2. The grease trap is not working properly

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If you can notice that the drainage is slow and if the grease trap is not working properly, meaning it cannot do the thing it is supposed to do, it is definitely time to call a professional service. This usually means that it is clogged and that it may be full. Note that this unit needs to be cleaned when it is more than one-quarter full, and if it is filled more than that, you may experience issues with it. Companies like San Jose Grease Trap Cleaning can help you get this part maintained before it is too late and before there is damage to the unit itself.

3. There is grease where it is not supposed to be

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Another huge sign that it is time to get this part maintained is if you can find oil and fat in places that should be free of this. In case the trap is clogged, the fat will try to find the nearest exit because it is already overflowing. This can be in the sink, in other drainage places, pipes, and so on. This is a really serious warning sign, and you should never ignore it.

4. You haven’t cleaned it in a long time

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Finally, even if there are no other signs, and even if the unit is working it is supposed to be, you need to get it maintained once in a while. If you cannot remember when was the last time you got it cleaned, now is the time to call the service. As you probably know, this part of your commercial kitchen needs to be cleaned once every one to three months, and if it has been longer than that, you need to take action as soon as possible.

Pay attention to all these things if you don’t want to risk losing your license, customers, and everyone who is part of the kitchen. Choose a reliable professional service that will get things done promptly and correctly.