How Frequently You Have to Service Your Air Conditioner


Since this device is essential for many places in the world, you should take great care of it.

No matter whether it is too hot then you can handle it, or you need to warm yourself quickly, the air conditioner is always here to suit your needs.

To increase the working life of your AC, you will have to perform regular services. In addition, many microorganisms collect on the filters, so if you are not doing proper care, you might breathe them and cause certain medical conditions.

Some parts of the services can be done by yourself, especially the part where you keep your filters disinfected and clean. However, you still might want to use services that have specialized in maintaining air conditioners.

For that purpose, we have made this article to show you how often you need to perform these services, and learn how to perform certain parts of the maintenance by yourself.

How frequently do you need to perform these services


The maintenance process has to be done in relation to how often the AC is being used. For example, if you are using it only when the weather is hot, you should service it at least once a year. This will prevent dust and microorganisms to collect, so you will not have to inhale them next time using. Also, checking for malfunctions is important so you can fix them right away and avoid causing bigger problems.

If you happen to use the air conditioner both as a heating and cooling solution, the services have to be performed at least two times a year. Checking whether the freon level is okay.

This is important for further usage. It is up to you to decide whether you will be doing this before the season starts or when it ends.

What needs to be done


It is now time to understand what basic maintenance is consisted of. Firstly, you need basic knowledge of how the air conditioner works, so if you plan on doing these things by yourself you don’t cause damages.

Firstly, you will need to open up the mask in front and get access to the filters. Keeping your filters clean is important to avoid health problems but also clogging of the machine and damaging it. Since this is easy to be done, you don’t need to call services for this purpose. All you have to do is to take the filters out, wash and rinse them well. Make sure that they are dry before you mount them back.

After that, you can proceed to wipe everything inside the unit. If you thought about servicing the outside part of the unit, forget about that, it’s best to call professional services as suggested by Maui AC Services.

Lastly, you should check whether the air conditioner is working at full capacity. You can do that by turning the device on and selecting the highest option in both extremes. Firstly, see whether it works well with hot and then with cold air.

If you notice that the AC is not working properly, make sure that you call the professionals and let them handle it. However, if everything works well, proceed to close the unit, and enjoy your time with a well-maintained air conditioner.