5 Things to Know Before Resurfacing Your Concrete Swimming Pool

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None of us can escape old age, but neither can our pools. If your concrete pool has started showing signs of old age, it might be time for you to pay for its makeover. Naturally, we’re talking about resurfacing your concrete swimming pool.

Despite how it might sound like, resurfacing a swimming pool takes a lot of hard work, so you shouldn’t at all expect it to be a breeze. On that note, here are the essential things to know before resurfacing your concrete swimming pool.

1. It Will Cost You Quite A Bit

Source: pexels.com

In some instances, resurfacing a concrete swimming pool might be as expensive as building a new one, although that’s not something that happens often. According to our expert advisor, Dallas Pool Resurfacing & Plastering, the average cost for resurfacing a concrete swimming pool in the States is around $7000. However, the range is quite a bit greater. You could also get by with spending around $1000 for the entire project, but you could also be spending nearly a hundred times that, so about a hundred grand.

2. It’s Not A DIY Job

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Resurfacing might seem like a glorified paint job, but it really isn’t. It takes a lot of hard work and expertise to make your old, dingy pool look new and shiny again, so don’t attempt to do this all by yourself. Pick up the phone, and call for professional help – even if it’s just for draining your pool.

3. You Shouldn’t Drain The Pool All By Yourself

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What many don’t seem to realize is that every pool has a “plug” in the bottom, and that it is the weight and pressure of the water that keeps the pool in your ground. So, when you want to drain your pool, you must first remove the plug to relieve the pressure from the groundwater that sits around the pool shell. If you don’t do this, you’re risking the groundwater pressure ejecting your pool straight from the ground.

4. It’ll Take A Few Days

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An average length of a resurfacing job will be around the week, but it could be longer than that, depending on the size of your pool and several other factors. So, don’t expect to be swimming laps in a few days.

5. You Have Options

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No one says that you have to resurface your pool to the exact same state it was in before it got old and dingy. You have options. A pool can be resurfaced in plenty of ways. The most inexpensive way is with a fresh coat of paint, but we wouldn’t really count that in.

Additionally, you may choose between the mid-range options, cost-wise, and those are plaster, rough and smooth aggregate, and pebble. These are the most commonly chosen options. And, finally, if money’s not an object and you want to go all-out – you could resurface your concrete swimming pools with tiles. Depending on the tiles, the cost could be anywhere from 30 to 100 thousand USD.


There you have it. Those are the things you should know before resurfacing your pool. For all the other extra information on the process, you should consult with the company you plan on hiring, as they’re the ones that will provide you with the best advice.