General Tips to Reach Max Light Level in Destiny 2


For quite some time now, Destiny 2 has been one of the most popular games on the planet, and part of the reason why that’s the case is the constant grinding you have to do in order to max out your power level.

Since we know that grinding can be tedious, especially for new players, we’ve prepared a few tips for you, so you can reach max light level as soon as possible. Let’s start with some basics.

How Does Levelling Work In Destiny 2?


What makes levelling in Destiny 2 unique is that it is directly tied to the power level of your gear. So, essentially, levelling up your power level comes down to levelling up your gear.

Your gear includes everything from your armour to the weapons you have equipped, as well as all the items in your vault and inventory.

By levelling up each piece of the gear you own, you automatically increase your overall light level.

Power Level Caps In Destiny 2?


Levelling up in Destiny 2 is also divided into tiers called Caps.

Everyone starts at level 1100, and the first cap you will reach is the Soft Cap, where your power level will max out at 1260. Next up, we have Hard Cap, which caps out your power level at 1310. Finally, we have Pinnacle Cap and Max Power Level, respectively standing at 1320 and 1330.

Maxing out your power level to 1330 requires you to level up your Seasonal Artifact that you get from a Season Pass.

Each of these tiers will require you to obtain different gear, starting with Rare and ending with Pinnacle. For a more comprehensive, detailed explanation of each tier, we suggest you read up on Destiny 2 Guides, as they will provide you with all the help you need.

General Tips On Levelling Up?


Now, let’s check out the basics of levelling up.

Get A Season Pass

In order to reach the max power level, you will have to obtain Season Pass to get your hands on the Seasonal Artifact. Without it, you will cap out at Pinnacle, and you won’t be able to reach the 1330 power level.

Equalize Your Gear

Most players will find this boring, but it is the only way to level up quickly and efficiently.

You must take into account all the gear in your possession and focus on the ones that are bringing your average down. That way, you’ll get to upgrade the gear that’s weak and possibly obtain some better gear to help you get started at the next tier.

Play More Than One Character

Arguably the best way to quickly level up your new characters is by transferring the gear from your stronger characters to your weakest ones. That way, you’ll get to be more efficient in your grind.

Don’t Miss Any Events

Finally, you won’t ever reach the max power level unless you grind it out. Play every activity and event because if you don’t, you’ll never get enough XP or gear to go all the way.


As you can see, this will be a grind, but there’s just no other way around it. There are no shortcuts to 1330. So, just grind it out!