Importance of Grease Hood Cleaning for Commercial Kitchens


When it comes to making sure your commercial kitchen hood is grease-free, maintenance is of utmost importance. But the ventilation system is oftentimes one part that gets overlooked.

To make sure your commercial kitchen operates safely, grease hood cleaning should be a top priority. And that’s why we’re here to tell you the importance of doing that.

What Can Build Up In Your Kitchen Hood


To outline how important this task is, we have to mention all the little things that can build up in your kitchen hood. Cleaning this part is no small task. If you leave it for far too long, all the buildup can become a problem.

Fats and grease are by far the nastiest things polluting your kitchen hood. But other things can build up that makes the task even nastier. From dust to mold and even dangerous chemicals, you can imagine how filthy a kitchen hood is at the end of the day. Through regular cleaning, you make sure these materials don’t pose a huge safety threat.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean the Kitchen Hood?


With all that said, it’s easy to assume that grease buildup can severely damage your commercial kitchen as time goes on. But even more so, some of the problems do require taking a closer look at.

It’s safe to say that grease buildup reduces the lifespan of your commercial kitchen.

Commercial kitchens prepare hundreds of meals each week. All that grease reduces airflow efficiency and increases the chances of bacteria growth. But if the bad odors don’t encourage you to clean the hood, then how about the fact that it might catch on fire?

Grease, dangerous chemicals, and other materials are flammable, meaning it increases the risk of fire spreading.

On a different note, a filthy and greasy hood means a visit from the health inspection service. If they find out your commercial kitchen hood is indeed filthy, then expect to lose your license and business insurance.

Simply said, leaving the hood unmaintained for too long can cause quite a few issues, according to Houston Grease Trap Services. But at that point, it is best to get someone who knows what to do and fix this problem. In future consult with the professionals on how to maintain the grease hood correctly.

How to Tell If Your Kitchen Hood Needs Grease Cleaning?


To round up this short guide, we will tell you all about the signs you should be looking for that tell you it’s time to clean the hood. By far the easiest one to spot is strange noise coming from the hood. If the hood makes an exceptionally loud noise, then it’s time to check for grease build-up.

The more grease builds up, the harder for the hood to work as intended. All the grease buildup clogs the motor, and the loud noise tells you it’s time to clean it.

Another sign to look after is a bad or foul odor. Grease mixed with other materials can emit such odors. If the hood has a hard time clearing smoke from the kitchen, then that is yet another sign pointing that your hood needs cleaning.

All of these signs, along with a few more, are easy to spot. So when you do notice them, hire a professional to clean your commercial kitchen.