DIY vs. Professional Grease Trap Servicing


Everyone looks forward to a clean home, and for the same, they make sure that they can manage all the waste disposal machines at their home. Among all these machines, the grease trap remains the most neglected one, so in this article, we will discuss grease trap cleaning and how it is different by doing it yourself or by professionals like STL Grease Trap Services who have earned a great name for themselves by providing top-notch services to their clients.

Cleaning grease trap yourself


Some people believe in completing the daily chores themselves as it makes them connected to their home and also there is a second factor that they believe in satisfaction of work only when they do it. So cleaning the grease trap is a complex task that has to be done in a series of steps because it holds a lot of dirt which can be harmful to you.

So there are some necessary precautions to be taken before you finalize that you will clean grease traps yourself, and they are listed below.

• Use masks before you begin cleaning your grease trap because the grease tank is filled with vivid forms of dirt collected at a place.

• Secondly, you must wear gloves for cleaning. Else your hands can get contaminated, and wash the clothes you wear while cleaning.

• There are chances that the lid for your grease tank may be stuck, so you should use a winch to make it easier to lift the lid.

• When you have lifted the lid, place it carefully and wash off the lid to clean the dirt settled on its surface.

• Then you need a wooden stick or a ruler to measure the depth of dirt collected in the grease trap and record the same. It would be best if you mentioned the length and depth of dirt collected in the trap.

• You can use a small pump or vacuum to remove all this dirt and place it in a bucket. So you can either use a pump so as you finish removing all the dirt, you can fill up the trap with water.

• When you are done emptying the grease trap, you need to ensure that you clean all the debris and the trap is cleaned to utmost perfection.

• Now pour some cleaners in the trap and make sure that the bottom is cleaned thoroughly, so you get enough gap till the second cleaning.

• Then you can check the various parts of the grease trap, and if it seems that they have some issue, you can replace them and install the new one.


So now, when we are done discussing how to clean grease traps in your home, let us discuss how professionals are different from cleaning yourself?

The process of cleaning grease traps is the same, but the difference is that professionals can provide an advanced level of cleaning and increased efficiency.

The professional cleaners have been working in this field for a long time, and now they know about various parts and issues when switching the grease trap, so their experience and skills always provide them an upper hand. So if you are looking for top-notch cleaning and a clean grease trap, then professionals should be your first choice.