The 10 DIY Cleaning Solutions You Need in Your Home


Those harsh chemical cleaning solutions can wreak havoc on your skin and respiratory system, and if you have kids around, these cleaning solutions can be hazardous when ingested. Instead, look to DIY solutions that will safely clean your home without the hassle!

Why go DIY?

DIY cleaning solutions have a lot to offer in terms of affordability and effectiveness. The cleaners you buy in the market are often riddled with harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients that can be harmful to your health, especially if you have kids and pets around the house.

Going the DIY route for your cleaning supplies allows you to fully know what is in your cleaning products, and how safe it can be for areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and other sensitive locations. DIY cleaners are often milder than commercial cleaners, and do an adequate job of cleaning surfaces and furniture just as well!

DIY solutions are also more affordable, as these are typically made using common household staples such as white vinegar, baking soda, and borax. These grime-busting ingredients are safe, inexpensive, and perfect to use for cleaning!

How about Professional Cleaning Services?


Of course, nothing beats the cleaning power of professional home cleaning services! Professionals have the tools and equipment needed to get the job done, and remove any stain, odour, dirt, or grime from your home! Professional cleaning services are not too expensive either, as they typically clean more than one household a day, spreading out the costs.

Not all professional cleaning services are good at what they do. Always look for a reputable cleaning service that will clean your home without damaging your furniture, especially if you have sensitive materials like wood, marble, and granite.

For homeowners in Singapore, you can be assured of Luce Home cleaning services to get your house spotless with minimal effort! Their decades of experience makes them knowledgeable in different stains and materials, so you can be sure your home will be cleaned damage free!

1. The Ultimate Cleaner


The top and ultimate cleaning solution you need in your home is made with just two ingredients, one of which is water! Vinegar and water makes an all-around cleaner for various types of stains, surfaces, and clears off dirt from most areas of your home. Mix together equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and use it as a multi-purpose cleaner.

2. Dry Cleaning Powder

For those times when you can’t wash your fabrics, a dry cleaning powder helps remove the odours and dust from your curtains, bedding, and furniture covers! Mix a few drops of your favourite essential oils in two cups of baking soda, and mix thoroughly. Now you have a pleasant-smelling dry clean powder you can use on any fabric!

3. Disinfecting Solution


Hydrogen peroxide isn’t just good for disinfecting wounds and bleaching stains, it’s good for disinfecting your floors, surfaces, and grout as well! Dilute hydrogen peroxide in clean water, and use the solution on your floors, toilets, tubs, and any other surfaces that need a good sanitizing. Let the solution air dry on the surface for a proper disinfection of your home!

4. DIY Laundry Booster

You may have heard that baking soda and vinegar do a great deal in boosting laundry cleanliness, but borax actually makes a better laundry pod than any homemade or commercial detergent! Add a few spoons of borax powder to your laundry, and watch as your clothes gain a brighter colouration, remove stains, and deodorize any smelly fabrics!

5. Safe Stain Remover


Instead of the laundry, your baking soda and vinegar solution is better used as a stain remover to remove soap scum, hard water stains, mineral deposits, and even greasy food stains on carpets and floors! Make a sprayable solution out of baking soda and white vinegar, and use the mixture to remove all sorts of stains by applying it directly to stained areas.

6. Castile Soap Marble Cleaner

Marble is a tough material to clean, and you often need to get professional cleaning services to carefully clean the grime from your marble floors and countertops. Commercial solutions may help get rid of some stains, but these chemical formulas are often toxic around babies and pets. Instead, dilute some castile soap in water, and use the solution to clean your marble surfaces!

7. DIY Bleach Gel


Bleach gel can be expensive when bought commercially, but you can easily make your own at home! Mix together two cups of water, and 8 tablespoons of cornstarch over the stove.

Mix until the mixture turns into a slurry, then remove from the heat and add in 6 tablespoons of bleach. Let the mixture cool, then use it to remove stains from white fabrics, kill mold off grout, or get rid of black staining around drains and toilet bowls!

It is also very important which equipment you use for cleaning. Finding the best mops for this can be a very difficult task. So choose the right equipment, make the right gel and the job will be done

8. Cutting Board Cleaner

A cutting board can be challenging to fully clean as the groves made by your knife during cutting can trap dirt, mold, and grime in it. Chemical cleaners can remove these stains easily, but they can be unsafe for something that touches food often. Instead, take half a lemon, a few drops of dish soap, and some salt and start scrubbing those groves clean! It’ll refresh your board too!

9. Rust Remover


Rust is formed when a metal is exposed to too much moisture, causing a chemical reaction that creates rust. Remove rust by using lemon juice and baking soda directly on the rusted areas, and let the mix bubble. Use the lemon rind to gently scrub away at the rust, and you may add a pinch of salt for a more powerful abrasion. This hack is perfect to get rid of rust on your pans!

10. Natural Oven Cleaner

Those nasty burnt food stains in your oven are nothing to worry about once you have a powerful DIY oven cleaner that removes the grime without the worry! Mix together baking soda and vinegar or lemon juice, and add a pinch of fine table salt into the mix. Apply the mixture to your oven, concentrating on the stained areas, and scrub away in circular motions to remove stains.