10 Tips for Choosing an Estate Agent to Sell Your House Quickly

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Selling a house is not easy. If it was – we wouldn’t need real estate agents. But, the truth is – we need them. And, if we need to sell our house quick – we really, really need them.

Now, choosing a real estate agent might not be as tough as selling a house, but it’s still not easy. Since the real estate market is quite large and lucrative, there are many agents trying to make a name for themselves. And, when that’s the case, you just have to assume some of them are not quite as good as the others.

Today, we’re here to help you find the perfect agent to sell your house. How will we do that? Well, we’ll give you some trusted and tested tips to help you choose easily. Let’s begin!

1. Look For Someone Charismatic

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A real estate agent must be an excellent salesman, and we don’t know about you, but we have never seen an excellent salesman that wasn’t charismatic. It’s just one of those things. Now, naturally, charisma is not the only factor to consider, but it is one of the key signs to look out for. So, once the time for the agent-hunting comes – look for the ones that make you feel good.

2. Look For Someone That Works Both With You And For You

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We are firm believers that an agent must work both with you and for you. While that might sound a bit confusing, it’s actually just about finding the right person to handle you – not your home. Finding someone that is willing to listen and cooperate but also keep your best interest in mind is key. If you just find an agent that’s in the business of flipping houses, you’re probably not going to get a good deal. And, in this case, that means missing out on a lot of money.

3. Look For Someone With A Good Marketing Strategy

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Some houses just sell themselves, and most of the time, that’s because they’re presentable. The other, less presentable houses must be sold by an agent that knows how to sell him or herself first. What do we mean by this? Well, if a person has managed to market themselves to a point where you trust them with your home, imagine what they’ll do with the home? A great agent will be a marketing wizard, in a sense, so always make sure to look for one that has a good marketing strategy going.

4. Look For Someone With Experience

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Experience isn’t vital – let’s just get that out of the way. There will always be some new kid on the block that’s taking the game by storm, and if you manage to find that kid – good for you. Their rates will probably be better, and you’ll earn a few more dollars. However, if you need something sold quick – you need yourself an experienced agent. These guys will know every trick in the book, and they’ll send your house before you can even put up the “for sale” sign in your front yard. They all have a few clients that buy houses for a living on speed dial, so if you want the speed – you know what to look for.

5. Look For Someone With Great Referrals

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There’s no better marketing than word of mouth advertising. Why? Well, because it’s genuine. No one will go around spreading positive things about someone for free if they’re not true. It just doesn’t make any sense, doesn’t it? So, if you want to make sure you end up with an excellent agent, make sure you find the one that comes with great referrals. You could even rely on a referral from someone from work, a friend, or even a loved one. To be fair, that’s probably the best kind of referral because those people genuinely have your best interest at heart, so if you can find a real estate agent this way – just hire them.

6. Look For Someone That Belong To A Group

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Just to be clear, we don’t mean that your real estate agent should be in a band. What we mean by this is that you should look for an agent that works with other agents in a real estate agency or a group. Real estate groups and agencies like the Real Big Group employ hundreds of qualified agents, which essentially means that even if you just pick one out of the group – you have an arsenal of agents, resources, connections and knowledge on your side.

7. Look For Someone Trustworthy

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To be fair, this is easier said than done. You can’t just learn or begin to trust someone you’ve just met, but there’s just something about trustworthy people that you can feel right away. You know what we mean? However, if you don’t want to follow your gut feeling, you can always do a check on your agent prospect and see what they’ve done in the past. If their track record tracks – you’re probably good to go.

8. Look For Someone Passionate

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A real estate agent must be passionate about their job. Otherwise, they’re never going to sell anything. So, when looking for one, look for the agent with fire in their eyes. Look for someone driven and passionate because those are the guys that make a difference.

9. Look For Someone Selling The Most Properties Similar To Yours

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If you want something sold quick – you need the right person on the job. Following that logic, you’d need a person who frequently sells houses similar to yours. So, do a little bit of research, and find the agent specialising in selling properties that fit the description. If you do, you will probably sell your house in no time. Well, they will sell it, but you get the point.

10. Look For Someone That Charges Reasonably

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Finally, you have to consider the cost. Both over and undercharging should be a red flag because, generally speaking, the one that’s undercharging you is probably bad, and the one overcharging you is just taking advantage of you. So, check the average rates and find the agent that fits the bill.


There you have it. Those were our top ten tips on how to find the perfect real estate agent to sell your home quickly. Hopefully, you’ve found our tips helpful.