3 Mistakes to Avoid When Replacing a Grease Trap

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As a restaurant owner, you are certainly aware of the importance of grease traps for the proper functioning of your business. Grease traps are there to keep all the grease in one place and prevent it from entering the wastewater disposal system, which would cause major problems. Improper replacement of grease traps is unacceptable in your business, and you know it. It can lead to a number of problems that can result in loss of credibility and disruption of the business. That is why it is vital to prevent major mistakes when replacing grease traps and ensure that the whole process is performed in the best way possible.

1. Not taking enough time to find the best grease traps for your needs

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When changing grease traps in your restaurant it is crucial that you find an adequate replacement. If you are not familiar with these useful items in detail, it is necessary to take the time to find out what grease traps exist, and then which type would best fit your needs. Not taking enough time to consider what kind of grease traps you need often results in selecting the wrong ones, which do not do their job properly and increase the risk of fire or draining the grease into the wastewater system.

Before buying grease traps, think about the capacity you need, the material, as well as the exact place where you will keep them. Also, consider the features that are important to you and choose the ones that are overall best fit your needs.

2. Saving money on grease trap services

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What you need to know about grease traps is that they are parts of plumbing equipment that require special and professional treatment. That is why it is necessary to find and hire professionals who will provide you with quality service and ensure that the work is done in the best possible way. Many restaurant owners feel that these services are not key to the successful operation of their business, so they try to save on them. And we can’t stress how big of a mistake they make here!

Improper handling and replacement of grease traps can result in inadequate grease disposal which can cause a number of problems in your restaurant. You don’t want to lose the esteemed customers and reputation of your restaurant that you’ve been building for a long time just because you weren’t willing to hire highly qualified experts providing grease trap services. Hire a trusted company like Las Vegas Grease Trap Services and ensure that the security of your business is fully preserved.

3. Skipping regular maintenance

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And lastly, another important thing is that you regularly maintain your grease traps in order for them to serve you for a long time. If you think they need a replacement, ask yourself if it’s really time to replace them completely or they just need a thorough cleaning. The best way to find this out is to contact a professional who will come to check on the condition of the grease traps and let you know what the next step is.


Grease traps are very important pieces of equipment for any restaurant because they ensure that all the grease go to the right place and that there is no risk of fire and other adverse consequences. We suggest that you contact a reliable grease traps service and regularly consult with their professionals in order to optimally maintain your grease traps and replace them on time.