Differences Between the Alliance and Horde in World of Warcraft

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Alliance and Horde are the two groups in the World of Warcraft and we commonly call them factions. So if you are going to play the game, you have to join either one of them. Apart from the major groups, you need to be a part of these factions too because they will determine your gaming performance. It might seem just like a group but things become different with people supporting you.

You already know that every character has its strong and weak points. Just like that, every group also has its strong points. Fighting the fight along with your allies increases your chances to win.

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We will tell you the difference between Alliance and Horde now.


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The first thing that you should know is what comes under the Alliance faction. So they consist of Worgen, Dwarves and humans. So if your character is one of these groups, you can join Alliance.

You might hear someone saying that the total number of members in Alliance is less than Horde. Although it is true but this is not because of performance quality. It is because of everyone’s choice of a warrior and fighting techniques.

The number cannot tell the performance quality. Therefore, you should look for the features and support that you will get from each faction. Choose the one that suits you and your fighting technique. This will eventually help you to reach the end.

Better designs

One of the things that the Alliance faction is good for is its design. The players do admit that the character designs that you get in Alliance are far better than the Horde. So if you are interested in better designs and forms, you should better choose Alliance.

Equal war modes

You might think that if there are more members in Horde, you have to fight against more fighters. But this is not the truth. When you turn on the War mode, you will automatically get a team and so does the Horde group. And both groups will have an equal number of players. So there will be a balance and therefore, you will fight according to your abilities.


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The races that you will find in Alliance include;

1. Humans

The first race is the humans that allow you to gain the trust of other creates through their diplomatic nature. Although Stormwind City is their home, you can easily spot them anywhere on the planet. So if you choose to play as a human, you need to be careful.

However, if you are playing against them, you can easily spot them.

2. Dwarves

These are miners that are quite powerful, they can turn themselves into stones by detecting any danger. So they are commonly known as the warriors that never surrenders.

Furthermore, their hearts remain in the iron forge walls.

3. Night Elves

They have darker skin and therefore, they have the name “Night Elves”. And because of their skin color, these creatures can hide anywhere during the nighttime. Their home city is “Darnassus” and they do not like to interfere with others. Therefore, they live quite a peaceful life. So you won’t encounter them unless you go to their city and disturb them.

4. Gnomes

Gnomes are the influential thinkers and they are the ones who have invented a lot of things to make the Azeroth what it is now. Their size is also quite small and this is what makes it easy for them to move freely. Their home city and their starting point are Gnomeregan. But because of their unique intelligence, they move on the whole planet.


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It is the faction with the highest number of players. They are known for their incredible skills and knowledge that allow them to live and survive on the planet.

Their making

Horde was made through the bonding of a few tribes and races. The purpose of their making was to defy the Alliance.

And when it comes to the population of Hordes, it depends upon the realm. The population still depends on the realm despite the fact that Hordes is 4 times more in their population.

Effect on the queue time

With such a great number in the population, it is not wrong to think of an impact on the queue number. But you do not have to worry if you are planning to choose Hordes.

The only thing that you need to make sure of is the population of your faction. So if you join a sub-group, you can learn about the faction of that group. Your queue time will depend on that. Therefore, if you want to avoid standing in a long queue, you should look for factions with a lower population.


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The races that you can join in Horde include;

1. Orcs

Orcs are one of the best and powerful combatants on the planet. They fight in the middle of the battlefield. So if you want a fierce fight, you should choose Orcs. Their home city is Orgrimmar. The additional thing that you will get in this faction is their pets. Furthermore, they have passive traits and they can also survive during the fight.

2. Undead

They are called undead for a reason, which is, they can find their Azeroth place by taking control of their dead body. Furthermore, the living creatures do not like them. However, because of their presence in Horde, they have gained some popularity. And you will find them in the undercity.

3. Tauren

Tauren is half-humans and half of their body is of a cow. They work on protecting Azeroth and its nature.