Basic Guide to Video Poker


Video poker is meant to be a simple and fast game that merely incorporates the aesthetic and basic rules of poker. So that anyone can play it without spending hours learning the rules of poker or practicing.

However, although it’s meant to be easy, many people still shy away from it if they don’t know how to play poker. Basically, video poker is a cross between a game of luck such as slots and the classic game of poker. You will find many different themes and variations of games, especially online. But most of them have the exact same principal.

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Video poker games are similar to slots in the way they pay out. For example, the Return to Player is set the same way, to give out a certain amount to winners. However, video poker varies because the gameplay is different.

For instance, the mechanics of video poker more advanced than slots. Such as that the player has more information in front of them in video poker than in slot games. With slot games, you win based on the combination of symbols that come up on the screen. Whereas with video poker, it’s the combination of cards, and what actions you choose to take with them.

The probability of you winning in video poker is based on the strength of the hand combination you receive. Rather than a completely random set of symbols that come up.

Interestingly, because video poker is based on a standard deck of 52 cards, it’s much easier for you to calculate the probability versus a slot game. Giving video poker a much better house edge than slots.

How to Play Video Poker


It takes no more than a few minutes to learn how to play video poker. No longer than it takes to figure out slots or a number of other games. The first step is to choose a game with minimums that suit your budget.

Once you add some funds into the game, it will be converted into credits. For example, on a dollar game, you will receive one credit for every dollar you deposit. Once you’ve done this, you can select how many coins you want to bet per hand.

The payouts for each hand increase drastically depending on the wager you’re making. For instance, on a maximum bet a royal flush can pay out as much as 1000 times your original wager.

The only way to determine how much you want to bet on each hand is by looking at the pay table and determining what you can afford. In some cases, it would even be better to switch to a lower denomination so you can bet more credits per hand and have a chance at higher payouts.

Lastly, the hand rankings of video poker are exactly like in traditional games of poker. With slight variations depending on the type of poker the game is based on.