Can I Straighten My Teeth Myself?


We all want that perfect smile that’ll instantly leave a good first impression, however, most adults really hate the idea of wearing braces for a minimum of 15 to 24 months. In fact, many people will avoid wearing them because of how long the realignment process lasts.

Because of this, you might be wondering whether or not there are ways that you can straighten your teeth by yourself.

To put it simply, yes, there are, however, you should know that you’ll need some assistance from your dentist for all teeth alignment methods that you can opt for. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of options that you could try for straightening your teeth, which includes the following things:

Option 01: A Retainer


Now, the first thing that you should know is that most individuals get retainers when they’re done with wearing traditional braces, however, if you need minimum correction, you could only wear a retainer. There is a wide range of retainer types that you could choose – including ones that are invisible – however, you should know that this option will only work for people that need minimum correction, thus, if your teeth are really misaligned, it might not work for you.

Option 02: Invisible And Hidden “Braces”


Another interesting option that an increasing number of people choose is invisible, hidden braces such as the ones offered by Dentalign. You should know, if you opt for them, you’ll have to order an impression kit and once you return it, a dentist will determine whether or not you can wear them. In most cases, this will last from two to three days, meaning that you can get the incognito retainers relatively quickly.

You should know, these plastic retainers will allow you to straighten your teeth without having to wear braces and they are always custom made to suit your teeth. Additionally, when compared to some traditional methods and treatment plans on the market, they’ll be quicker and better for you. Basically speaking, you’ll be capable of aligning your teeth without fearing that someone might notice that you’re wearing braces.

Option 03: Veneers

Last on our list, but also a viable option is a fact that you can choose to get veneers, a common alternative to improve your smile without having to wear retainers and/or braces.

Veneers are extremely thin, durable, and hard and they’re permanently bonded with your teeth or the ones that are crooked. Now, keep in mind, this is, perhaps, one of the most expensive options on this list, thus, it might not be suitable for you if you cannot afford to pay for them.


Although there are no home remedies that might help you straighten your teeth on your own, there are still some options that you could choose, all of which require minimal orthopedic assistance – with the exception of getting veneers. Since you now know what you can opt for, you shouldn’t waste time, instead, you should determine which approach is the most suitable for you, and then talk with your dentist in order to determine whether or not it’s a suitable choice for you!