How Energy-Efficient Are Modern Designer Radiators


There is a lot of heating solutions for our homes and we all choose what we think is provides the best value for money. Heating your home during winter months can really spike up the prices of your bill and that’s something you don’t want to see.

On the other hand, finding a cheap heating solution means that you will have to bear with lukewarm temperatures in your home and you will not feel comfortable. Usually, if something is much cheaper than the average, you should avoid it.

Modern Design Radiators


Before, we all had these large radiators, which did provide enough heat for us to get warm, but they were just standing next to the wall, usually in white color, taking up a lot of room and from the design perspective, they are just ugly-looking.

Therefore, heating companies and manufacturers set out to find radiators which will not only heat up your home, but also look nice. And today, there are a large number of modern design radiators and all you have to do is choose one.

According to Feature Radiators, a lot of their clients opt for cast iron radiators and the radiators with smoother surfaces for their living room, while towel rails are popular for bathrooms. These are particularly handy, because they can heat up your bathroom and you can always have warm towels at your disposal. Bathing during the winter can be tricky, something people who live in hotter climates never experienced.

Are Designer Radiators Efficient?

One question that pops us is whether such radiators are efficient or not? Sure, they look outstanding and they can go perfectly with your furniture in the living room. In fact, a lot of people who get these want them to be on a visible spot in their room, instead of hiding them behind a sofa, for instance. Not only does this mean that they emit more heat, it also means that they simply look cool.

Anyway, the question is whether these radiators are efficient or not. Most of them are quite efficient, but you need to know what to look for.



The higher the surface of the radiators the more heat they will emit. While towel rods are perfect for bathroom, getting the similarly-designed radiators for your living room may not be the best solution.

Quality Materials

A large number of radiators are made of aluminum and high-performance steel. That means that the second you turn them on, you will see them heating up. Find a radiator with such materials because aluminum conducts heat instantly and suffers no damage.

Finishing Touch


Also, since you are looking for a designer radiator, check out the finish or coating. In this industry, powder coating is widely used as it is proven to emit heat efficiently. This is much better than traditional steel radiators which are painted in white that withholds the heat inside.


Modern design radiators are just as efficient as regular radiators, if not more. However, you should pay attention to the shape and size of the radiators and go with more “traditional” look with wider and flatter surfaces instead of some crossed pipes. At the end of the day, find something that fits your home and your pocket.