Why You Should Always Hire Professionals for TV Aerial Installation

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Many are led to believe that installing a TV aerial is a job anyone could do, but that is not entirely true. You could probably do it, to be fair, but then again, how good of a job would you actually do? It is not by accident that professional installers exist, and it’s not just because some people are lazy and unwilling to install the aerial themselves.

There is a lot of knowledge and expertise that goes into aerial installation, and it goes without saying that you are much better off if you hire a professional than if you do a DIY job. To prove and back up that claim, we’ve decided to present you with the actual reasons why you should always hire professionals for TV aerial installation. Let’s begin.

Personal Safety

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The one aspect of a DIY job many people seem to enjoy to forget is safety. Professionals take precautions because they’re fully aware of all the risks. For example, most workers that work power lines could probably climb up and down the pole with their eyes closed and their hands tied behind their backs – but they don’t. They take all the safety precautions, and they get the job done the right way.

On the other hand, DIYers don’t. Whenever we try and do something ourselves, we usually cut corners wherever we seem fit, and that’s a recipe for disaster. That’s especially true when the job requires you to climb up the roof, walk all over it and mount a pole that’s going to carry the antenna, and then mount the antenna. Not to mention the fact that the roof is steep, probably a little bit wet and slippery, and you don’t have a non-slip shoe on, nor are you tied to anything. We don’t have to keep going in order for you to realize that one single mistake or a slip could cause you and your loved one a world of trouble.

So, don’t play around. Hire a professional TV aerial installation crew and have them get the job done. They will use all the necessary equipment, including safety gear, non-slip ladders, non-slip shoes and so on. So, not only will you be certain that no harm will come to you, but you could also be certain that the guys doing the job won’t be hurt, as well.

Quick, Easy & Professional Installation

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We are fully aware that many people believe that the only thing you need to do is just put the antenna somewhere on your roof and turn it around until you get a decent image showing on your TV. In theory, that’s not too far from the truth, but as we all know, theory and practise is not the same. We all know how to kick a football, but we can’t really bend it like Beckham, can we? We can read how to properly sear a steak, but we can’t really sear it the way Gordon Ramsey does, can we?

The same principle applies here. You may think you know, or you may read a manual on how to install a TV aerial, but there is no way that you’ll do the same job as a professional that’s been installing aerials for years. Do you know why we’re so sure of that? We’re so sure of it because nine out of ten calls TV Aerials UK receive are about DIY aerial installations gone wrong.

Also, just think about the time you’ll save if you hire a pro. Even if somehow you manage to do a decent job installing the aerial, there is absolutely no chance you’d be able to do it fast. You’ll spend time learning how to do it, finding the necessary tools, and then you’ll be as careful as possible once you’re up on that roof, and by the time you’re done installing the antenna – you’re going to wish you had just paid for cable like everyone else. On the other hand, a professional crew will do all of that in less than half an hour, and they’ll do it better than you.

So, don’t waste your strength or time trying to install an aerial all by yourself – call a pro.

Quality Of Service

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Not only will the installation process be as smooth as butter if you let the professionals handle it, but you will also get to enjoy the highest quality service possible. It is not uncommon for people that have taken it upon themselves to install their aerials to experience a signal loss, bad image quality, loss of channels, interference, or any other of the array of issues that may arise if you don’t install the aerial properly. What’s also not uncommon is for those problems to appear at the worst possible times.

Fortunately, the solution to all those problems is quite simple – leave it up to the professionals to handle the installation for you. They will use their extensive knowledge and expertise to make sure you enjoy the HD picture without any disturbances for a very long time. Not only that, but they will make sure they use top-notch equipment to ensure the quality of service. You won’t get stuck with low-quality amplifiers or cabling, which is what often happens when an inexperienced person tries to do this job.

All in all, a professional installation crew will make sure that everything’s in perfect order so that you can enjoy your TV the way you’re supposed to enjoy it.


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Finally, if anything goes wrong, it would be great if you had a warranty to fall back on. Unfortunately, you can’t really provide yourself with a warranty. But, a TV aerial installation crew can. They stand behind their products and quality of service, so they will often offer years-long warranties so that in case anything goes wrong, you will be able to fall back on a swift, efficient, and most importantly, free repair or replacement service, which will not only save you money in the long run but will also offer you peace of mind.


As you can so obviously see, hiring a professional to do a job comes with a lot of great benefits. In this case, these were the benefits you could and should expect. Hopefully, the benefits we’ve listed will be enough to convince you of the importance of professional TV aerial installation.