5 Factors When Choosing a Student Dorm

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College life is full of fun and exciting events. You get to enjoy yourself a lot with your friends. However, the same life could become a nightmare only because of your roommates. In addition to your roommates, the condition of your room is also very important. You do not want to live in a shabby place or where the crime rate is high.

Although the most important factor students look at its cost. But being a student, you should also be worried about your security. Cost should not be the only decisive factor in selecting your dorm room. The selection of your dorm is an important decision and it will directly affect your college life.

Therefore, you should pay attention to some of the important factors. We will tell you about them later on in this article.

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And here is a list of the factors that you should pay close attention to.

1. Location of the dorm

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The first and most important thing that you should look out for is the location of your residence. It should be both in terms of distance and security.

If you are living too far away from your college or university, you will have to spend some time and amount on commuting too. Thus, there will be a more chance of you getting late for your class. Furthermore, you would often like to bunk the class because you want to sleep a bit more.

On the other hand, if you are living close to the college and have walking distance, even if you get up late, you will try to make up for other classes.

Secondly, the area should be safe for students to stay. It should have the proper safety and also the crime rate should be low. Because you might have to leave too early or late for your class. So even if you are coming late to your room, you should not fear theft or robbery.

In addition to this, you should also look for whether the building has a dining hall, a gym or a library. And of course, it depends on how you like things. If you like to exercise, you would prefer a gym. At least it should be nearby the building. The same goes for a library. But a dining hall is a must.

2. The cost

The cost and location of your dorm go hand in hand. Of course, the location is important but you should not pay too much for it. You can surely get a cheaper stay in a good location. But you will have to spend some time on that. And sometimes, you will find a better place within a short time, if you are lucky enough.

So when you start looking for a dorm, write them down in order. Shortlist the ones that you like and make a list going from higher cost to the lowest. Then write the points that you can never tolerate. If the other factors are okay, rate those dorms. This will allow you to choose the best one easily. Even if your budget is flexible, you should put out the dorm amount from your pocket money.

3. If there is some sort of community

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Usually, college dorms form some communities. This encourages the students to take care of their building and also their rooms. They can practice cleanliness. Moreover, communities also arrange group activities and competitions. These extra activities make them participate actively and come out of their routine and boring life. Furthermore, providing them with a chance to showcase their talents.

A lot of students can discover their exceptional talents through these competitions. Furthermore, this is a sort of stress reliever and helps students relax a bit. And then you will have parties and every community have a theme for their house. This will be too fun.

So if you are interested in such activities, you should look for this factor too.

4. If there are any other previous building issues

This is something that the building owner won’t tell you. Therefore, you need to ask the previous residents. Try to get the contact information of the previous resident. Moreover, you can as other building residents about the issues.

For example, there might be problems with the sewerage system. Or it is possible that the electrical connection is not stable. Or you might get fluctuating voltages. These issues will create a lot of problems later on. You might get your appliances damaged.

In addition to this, you should also ask if the elevator is working properly or not. And whether it often breaks down or not. If you get a room on the top stories, the elevator would be a necessity for you. So do ask about it too.

And also if there are molds in the building. Moreover, ask if the building ever faced a fire accident or any such major disaster. You should take into account all these safety measures.

5. The age of the building and its upgrades

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You might not mind the age of the building but it is an important aspect. If the building is too old, it won’t be stable and a hit from a natural disaster would be threatening to it. Furthermore, even if the building is still strong enough to resist such shocks, it will have a lot of other problems.

For example, the paint will be old and the walls will have marks on them. Moreover, the furniture would be in a bad condition. You will have to put a lot of effort into cleaning.

In case of any upgrade and refurbishment, you also need to ask that. Because if there aren’t any, the building is not up to date.