3 Wow Shadowlands Character Leveling Tip & Tricks All Beginners Must Know

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If you are a gamer, you are probably well aware of the fact that in World of Warcraft, there are many hidden features, and the whole game concept is so well constructed that one can play for weeks and still wouldn’t be able to discover everything there is on the map.

Furthermore, when playing, you want to level up as fast as possible, as the more you advance and progress through the game, the more opportunities there are. To “complicate” things even further, developers are constantly working on upgrades and extensions, and in November 2024, a new release called Shadowlands saw the light of the day.

This new expansion was highly welcomed by the players, as it has many new features which only make the game more playable. Of course, leveling up is once again the main concern by the players, and it is also a reason why we gathered some tips on this topic that everyone should know.

1. Don’t skip Chromie

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Those who played before already know who the Emissary of the bronze Dragonflight is, and finding this character in this new expansion can get you from lvl 10 to 50 immediately. It is a time-traveling gnome-dragon, which also provides the possibility of playing other expansions. As to how to find Chromie, Stormwind is the place to look for it, but those who have already seen the Battle for Azeroth are the only ones with this possibility.

2. Don’t waste time

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In almost every game, there are things that are simply fun, even though there is no real gain from it all, and the same thing is with World of Warcraft, as there are plenty of things that are fun, but that will not give any experience. Namely, killing rares should not be your primary concern, as it will take you some time, but on rare occasions for such actions, you will be rewarded with some experience. There is no point in spending precious time on looting mobs, as doing something else like dungeons will provide you with much more experience. Of course, if it is a part of the quest, then looting is okay.

3. Quests vs Dungeons

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Like in any other WoW expansion, you can boost your level much faster with dungeons than questing. Understandably, one first needs to form a group in which every player will know their role, as it is the only way to successfully complete any dungeon. If someone doesn’t have healing powers, adding a character with these skills can help a lot. In order to get the most out of leveling dungeons, choose the expansion you want to level in carefully, as there are some that give fewer or more quests, meaning that choosing the right one can give you a much better experience.


These are the three easiest and main leveling tips for your WoW Shadowlands character.

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