What to Do in Case of a Dental Emergency

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Are you one of the people who’s afraid of going to the dentist? Well, wherever we are at a point in our lives, there are still some people who are afraid of going to the dentist. So in terms of dental emergencies, what should we do? There are different ways on how to handle dental emergencies so read further as we discuss some of them.

What causes dental emergencies?

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For starters, there are different probable reasons why you will need to call your dentist because of a dental emergency. Included in its long list is when you lost your tooth after a soccer ball hit your mouth, and it just fell off. It may sound ridiculous, but it is a serious situation that requires immediate professional attention.

When should you call the doctor?

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No matter how some dread the idea of going to the doctor, there really are instances where getting medical attention is non-negotiable. Not everything can be fixed with a simple band-aid solution. Some really need professional attention that only doctors, most especially dentists, can give. Here are some of those instances:

• Losing your tooth
• Bleeding without a specific known source in the mouth area
• There’s an evident swelling in your gums
• Your mouth or your facial area near it is swollen
• The mouth is in extreme pain and cannot be eased by ice-packs you place on them.

In these given scenarios, putting ice packs or eating ice creams are not enough. You cannot DIY your healing process, especially when it comes to your mouth or your teeth, because nerves are connected to them. Whether you’re afraid or not, you need to see a dentist at any of these stated points. It’s not just about your teeth or gums; it’s also about your nervous system.

What doesn’t require urgent medical attention?

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There are different dental problems that don’t require you to call your dentist nor to go to the nearest center or hospital. You just need some dental kit readily available at home or simply some ice bags to heal swollen gums.

Another thing that parents may or may not stress over is a bleeding lip because it has been accidentally bitten or a tongue that was unconsciously bitten while talking or eating.

Although there is a presence of blood that is sometimes equated to an emergency, these instances are not medical emergencies. These can just be taken care of at home.

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And duly remember, do not panic. Some things are just little, however big you think of it. Meanwhile, for others, it is a big deal no matter how you dismiss it as little. So, better yet, equip yourselves with information and be assured so you can sleep well at night without worries for your child or yourself.