7 Tips for Tracking & Managing Your Shipments

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It is not an easy task to manage all the shipments for an online business but when you have the right knowledge with you, nothing is impossible. If you have just started your business, it becomes important to learn the management techniques. This will help in increasing the customer satisfaction by making you less stressful. Let us check out these tips one by one.

1. Providing tracking details to your customers:

Nowadays, every online shopping site sends a tracking ID to their customers once they have placed the order. You should also not miss out this step because it gives insights to your customers about the location of their packages. Tracking ID or link can be sent via email or text messages to your consumers. Check out 4px tracking to know more details about it.

Source: pexels.com

2. Under-promising and delivering more:

This is a brilliant principle for pretty much any part of maintaining a business. However, it’s particularly significant when conveying the shipping timings. This permits you to have the option to live up to your clients’ desires regardless of whether it’s your bustling season or something unforeseen occurs. The customers will get surprised and it will become a “WOW moment” for them when they see their package arriving before the promised time.

3. Partnering with local suppliers:

Working with the local suppliers who have stockrooms in your targeted nations can assist with decreasing deferred conveyances since they can satisfy your orders from the nearest distribution centers. This will assist you with staying away from conveyance delays and decrease the transportation times for your items.

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4. Shipping packages as soon as possible:

Customers get annoyed and frustrated when they don’t get their order on the expected delivery dates. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to ship their packages as soon as possible. It would help in avoiding any delays in delivery time. Try to ship the orders the same day when any order is received.

5. Send customized shipping confirmation details:

You should opt for a system wherein your customers can receive automatic emails regarding their account creation, orders placed, and shipping confirmation details. To make it even more interesting you can customize these emails. Adding your social media account links in the emails is another great way to increase your followers on your online media profiles.

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6. Keep communicating with your customers:

Sometimes various things in the shipment process can go wrong. At that point, you should keep communicating with your customers to inform them about whatever that went wrong during the process. By doing this, they will be able to get to know the problems that you are facing and will try to understand it. Communication helps in maintaining good relationships with the customers even if something unforeseen occurs.

7. Write a thank you note:

Handwritten notes are a great way to express your gratitude towards the buyers. It helps in building trust amongst your customers. You can also ask them to post the product review after using it. It is an amazing way to follow up with them after they have received the shipment.